May 24, 2006

pinning tails on things

So, who is sitting at a party right now looking for a way to spice it up?

I have a plan, it is described on this web page.

the funny thing is, this whole post is just an attempt to get people to add this to their cart.

The real blog post is below:

We just got back from Germany. We played a fun show in Hamburg. I ate at a subway and got a subway club card that is in German. I can't wait to go to my local subway in Pennsylvania and hand in a filled in club card that is in German... I am going to work extra hard at filling it in, and I will try to remember to photograph and post the final story here... if they even notice. We were all way too tired after some hectic traveling to get any prostitutes at Hamburg's infamous Herbertstra├če. While we all napped, Tom took a walk down there, he claims he is still hooker-virginial... Joe feels otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Saw that Nick got beat out by Prince for World's Sexiest Vegetarian.... that's too bad, he had my vote!

Bobby said...

No, no.. he got beat OFF by Prince.