June 23, 2005

June 21st 2005

We are pigeons.

We are outside an Au Bon Pain in Baltimore MD. They just closed and we got their bagels and muffins. The manager may be mad. This is turning into the most effective means of tour support yet-- get other people’s garbage and eat it.

Sorry for not posting in a while. We have been busy and internet opportunities have been few and far between. I don’t even remember when I gave the last update. Tonite we are playing in Baltimore at the Talking Head and it will be our 6th show in 5 nights.


Last night was great. We played at The Crowbar in State College with the nice folks of the Bullet Parade. While the sound man was a bit of a herb, he did do a good job and despite Jeff’s kick-drum head breaking, it was a pretty good show. Jeff Van Fossen was as cordial as ever and we slept on futons with his dog Ghost Mutt.
I don’t want to leave the most important part of last night out. It was a post-show viewing of Batman Begins at the local theatre. All sorts of spinto fans including the oh-so-welcoming Mike “Pryzz” let us in for a 3 am viewing session. Thomas and Sam managed to drink two 40s while the movie was on while Jeff slept and I was blown away by the dark knight. All in all it was a great roustabout.

So the night before that we were in Newark. I stopped by my parents house and had a li’l father’s day BBQ as the rest of the band did the same. The East End Show was pretty cool. Albert Birney beat me up in pinball scoring 100,000 points or so to my 35,000 (if that)…. The first band punked out which upset Scott a bunch... besides that it was pretty good. Well, actually, I did feel a bit sad for the current state of the East End. It seems as though it isn’t the venue it was a few years ago, but it’s still booking shows and serving quesadillas.

The night before that we played a packed PianosNYC show. Saw everyone under the sun and made me realize NYC seems like the place to be. Ate a big ol’ sandwich and had a taste of Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray celery soda. Hopefully Sam will critique it.


Anonymous said...

Ghost Mutt's a slut. She sleeps with everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, it's Tom. Great show Monday night, I look forward to seeing you on the 8th.

I forget who asked, because it was 5AM and I was drunk, but I went through my list and the song I played right before your set was 'Girl' off of the new Beck album.