May 24, 2006

pinning tails on things

So, who is sitting at a party right now looking for a way to spice it up?

I have a plan, it is described on this web page.

the funny thing is, this whole post is just an attempt to get people to add this to their cart.

The real blog post is below:

We just got back from Germany. We played a fun show in Hamburg. I ate at a subway and got a subway club card that is in German. I can't wait to go to my local subway in Pennsylvania and hand in a filled in club card that is in German... I am going to work extra hard at filling it in, and I will try to remember to photograph and post the final story here... if they even notice. We were all way too tired after some hectic traveling to get any prostitutes at Hamburg's infamous Herbertstra├če. While we all napped, Tom took a walk down there, he claims he is still hooker-virginial... Joe feels otherwise.

May 20, 2006

a spintonic production

So we put this (very) short film together before a recent show at Northampton. We had just gotten some kids' meals.

I tried to paste the video right into the blog post, but I don't know if it worked. if it did, great, if not, view it by clicking on THIS link*.
also, make sure you visit this site:

and, if anyone wants to help out an awesome band, named Asleep in The Sea, from Phoenix, trying to get some shows in the midwest and east coast, go to THIS link. It shall be worth it.

*does anyone know how to put you tube videos right into a blog post? what is the HTML code?

May 16, 2006

Jeff orders the best

So it has become clear that Jeff Hobson is the best at randomly ordering dishes at restaurants and having them be real scores. Now... we all just order whatever Jeff orders. He is the Duke of the Menu, the Master of the Platter, the the King of all Catering.

This was captured on film at a recent post-gig visit to a kebab shop in Stoke. It was a Saturday night, and we were all quite famished from the freightening victory of the Red Army in the FA cup final, as well as too many strongbows, dice rounds, and broken strings. When the beaming fluorescents of the local kebab shop seemed very mosey-friendly, we decided to mosey on up. I think the young restauranteurs inside were stoned, but that's another story all together.

Upon ordering, many of us took the conventional route one would take at a kebab shop... everyone except Jeffrey William Hobson. While the rest of us were ordering chips (fries) and kebabs, Jeff decided to order what he thought were chicken-fries. Instead he got what is pictured below.

It was in fact 4 pieces of chicken AND a bunch of chip-fries, as well as some strips of a lamb type of meat called Doner, and a bunch of salad. It was massive. It could have fed all of us. It could have fed all of Stoke. It could have fed Louie Anderson. Compared to my kebab, it was a force to be reckoned with. We felt as though Jeff had hit a grand slam in the bottom of the 9th. He had approached the counter at the kebab emporium, knowing full well, that he was going to get his money's worth, and gosh darn it, he did! He may have only eaten about a quarter of it (if that) but he had taken on a beast. We were all proud of Jeff, and realized he has quite a power. He has the ability to order the best thing on the menu, without fail. Long Live Jeff!

We asked Jeff to recount his order:

"I set out to order some chicken nuggets, so I saw chicken COMMA fries, but overlooked the comma. The price was right. It was only 4 pounds or something. I didn't know what doner was, so I just ignored that. Right after I ordered it, someone told me it was a family pack, so I took my order back, but they gave it to me any way. Those guys didn't know how to take an order back... or didn't hear me, or were ignoring me. Who knows what it was. The doner was good at first, but that started to make me feel gross when i looked at it, so stopped eating that and focused on the salad, chicken and chips... Which was all real good. It had a real good chili sauce on it, which I forgot to mention. spicy!"

"it weighed a good 2 or 3 pounds easy." said Jeff

"I was so jealous, but Jeff is a generous man. He shared quite a bit. There was still too much." -Thomas Hughes

"Falafel, ya we got falafel."-kebab shop stoner

they didn't have falafel!

May 13, 2006

A Hard Knock Life

this poor beast was doomed from the get go. I always knew Canada was full of rascists! Bear-rascists, the worst kind.

poll: which name do you prefer: "grolar bears" or "pizzlies"

Delete It

the newest doppelganger

We have encountered many a doppelganger on this tour and they are always exciting. I can still remember how my jaw dropped the first time I saw the Sam-Phil combo in Newcastle. But this my friends…THIS is truly exciting…THIS is….the newest doppelganger.

Below is a picture of the Mystery Jets' tour manager in his natural habitat:

And here is our bud, and guitar player in the teeth, Brian Ashby in his “ dude is chillin’ “ stance:

Wow right!? Obviously the mustachio was a tip-off…but really…it works on so many levels…

The Great Burger King Grift of Naught Six

First, if you work at Burger King, this write-up is basically about how Burger King is awesome, so you can probably skip it if you want. You guys are doing one heck of a job over in the Burger Kingdom…take it easy bros!

Okay, for everyone else, today I discovered an amazing little trick…a tasty trick. Today I figured out how to buy a Burger King Veggie burger for 50p less than it normally costs.
The whole discovery, started when we were at a rest stop somewhere along the M6. Arriving at the rest stop, my stomach rumbling, I found myself face to face with some pre-packaged sandwiches, some pastry from a coffee stop, or a veggie burger at Burger King. After a lap around the rest stop the lesser evil appeared to be the veggie burger. As I waited in line, I checked the menu for the prices… £ 3.09 for the veggie burger on its own…seemed like highway robbery, but at least it was less that the tomato mozzarella wrap (£ 3.45!). At that moment I had a slight hankering for the salty sensation caused my french fries. I looked at a price for one of the ‘meal deals’ but it was almost £ 5 and included a soft drink that I really didn’t want…then I thought maybe I could buy a small package of french fries, but all I could see was a ‘regular size’ (it was pretty big) fry on the menu…and it was over £ 1 … ehh I didn’t feel like eating a big ol’ batch of french fries anyway. I ordered my humble sandwich, moved to the right and wait for my food. While I waited my eyes wondered across the various signs over the counter. I read about baguette sandwiches, a breaded chicken snack, and looked over the 99p menu…but then my eyes caught what would become the most significant rest stop discovery of the tour: the Kids Meal menu.
The Kids menu works like this: for £ 2.59 you pick one item from the sandwich list, and two items from the periphery list…these items are thrown into a playful bag with a toy and the Kids Meal is complete. The sandwich list contains the standard burger or chicken-thing, options and the periphery list had kid size fries, small drinks, juice, even an apple and grape snack bag conveniently called the ‘Grapple Bag’ (clearly a product of the Burger Jesters quick wit). Anyhow, also included on the sandwich list was ……… the veggie burger.
Wait a minute, you mean I can buy my veggie burger for 50p less and also have a french fry thrown in, or even a Grapple Bag! Surely there had to be some pre-cooked-weight-slight-of-hand going on, or maybe a kid size veggie burger…something! Hold on a second, would a big ol’ company really go to all the extra effort to manufacture two different sizes of an item as peculiar as the veggie burger? I suspected they wouldn’t, and I had to find out.
I saw Tom in the distance looking at candy bars and filled him in on my Adult Sandwich / Kids Meal duality of the veggie burger hypothesis. He was intrigued and hungry so he decided to help me with the test. The mission was simple: buy a veggie burger Kids Meal and compare the Kids Meal burger with my standard burger. The anticipation was killing me, and I was so excited I eventually had to go wait in the van. Finally, Tom returned and the moment arrived for us to compare our veggie burgers…
The two photos below show each of our meals. The Roald Dahl Frobscottle Swiggle Berry Juice Drink is included in both pictures as a reference to show scale.

As you can see the burgers are virtually identical with the only real difference being the sesame seed bun used in The Kids Meal. Additionally, look at all the goodies tom chose from the periphery list…fries, a drink…and don’t forget the toy. Please note that Tom specifically ordered a plain veggie burger, so the cheese and lettuce are absent from his sandwich, but this is negligible.
The real feather in the cap is that the Kids Meal comes with a mini french fry as well...the perfect combo for me! Wow, what else can I say, I almost want to go buy a Kids Meal just for the satisfaction of the hustle. After a job well done and a hypothesis well proved we all celebrated by playing with the spinning Kids Meal toy.

This discovery is a real breath of fresh air and has brought back the magic of rest stops for me…a sensation I haven’ felt since ahhh before you were born. It is as if I found the key to a secret door somewhere deep within the Burger Kingdom. Now I must pass this key on to you in hopes that the great knowledge of the Adult Sandwich / Kids Meal duality of the veggie burger will never be lost!


May 11, 2006

Jools videos

hey all- someone posted our Jools Holland performance on You Tube, so check it out here

May 9, 2006

We fully support stuff like this

So a guy who likes the song brown boxes, named Colin made THIS

Check it out, I love stuff like this. If any other spinto fans have made their own videos send them along, we'll post them here and anywhere else we can think of.

Colin, I feel like I know a bit more of you than perhaps I should now. Thanks for making the sweet videos, I bet I could beat those two little kids in Tekken 2.

I think we are giving away tickets for our UK record release party

So on the 25th we are going to be playing a gig in a snooker hall. this gig will also be a celebration. We will be celebrating the UK release of Nice and Nicely Done. The US record release party had a belly flop competition which ended up as a show poster

so how do we top it? we play dice on snooker tables and get as many freakin spinto fans jammed in the room so that we can have a sort of scene not dissimilar to this photo

so, ill try to figure out a way to get everyone who reads this invited. keep posted to the site.

May 8, 2006

our latest press photo

what do you guys think of our latest press photo seen below. We snuck behind some people making out and took it, but they noticed us and the whole charade was busted and we felt embarrassed and a bit childish. Then we played dice with the people and all was well. Not sure why it came out blurry, but doesn't it look like Jeff is simulating some humpin'?

May 5, 2006

Hobsons in Amsterdam

Sorry this took so long to get up, but you know.

It started off waking up, not knowing where I was, but once I realized, it was pure excitement. We were in Amsterdam! I just wanted to go find some weed, that was pretty much it, my one goal.

First though, we went to a bagel shop. It had too much cream cheese on the bagel, and no weed in it, so we left. Then, I guess we will skip over the first two places we went because they were rubbish.

We went to the Bulldog and found a nice menu... Picked up some something 44. Then we walked to the red light district.

While strolling through the red light district we saw some girls in windows. They were glaring, not too sexually, looking bored as if they were working in a supermarket, but whoring their bodies out instead. Then we found a cannabis college. The lady there pointed us to the Nes Cafe, which was amazing. She was a stereotypical stoner, but knew her shiznit. A bit of a know it all, but quite helpful. None of us liked her accent.

We made our way to the Nes Cafe, it was smaller than the bulldog, and had the snooker world championships airing on the tv. It was welcoming, with its board games not to mention its great menu where we picked up some super silver haze and santo shiva or something like that, and white-widow hash... that stuff was good. We quickly rolled a doober up. Did we put tobacco in it? no way! Pete and Jon played backgammon, the rest of the guys watched snook, and us Hobbers got our weed on. I must say, I was underwhelmed. Not to say it wasn't great weed, but I feel like I can find better weed... but still.... a very welcoming place. We were happy, sure. Ecstatic, no.

besides that, the town was super nice, and we enjoyed our time there. Joe turned his ankle on a tram track. he was jogging across the street. Lee Hearn was there too. Lee is now officially a few countries ahead of everyone else as the fan who has seen the spinto band in the most countries. Upon leaving, we Bravehearted the rest of our weed and looked forward to more adventures abroad.

yours truly,
Dr. Jeffrey William Hobson

May 3, 2006

Question marks, Jets, etc.

Well, I have to make this quick because I have reservations on a snooker table down the hall and I need to get to snooking...

Anyway, we are in the city of Cardiff right now and are a few shows into our tour with the Mystery Jets. So far, so fantastic. They are a great band to watch and more importantly are a great bunch of guys.

But, even more importantly I think was the dramatic conclusion to the Snooker World Championship. Yes, Mr. Ghramme Dott finished off Mr. Peter Ebdon 18-14, but it certainly wasn't easy. Dott took a 15-7 lead into the final session before Ebdon won an astounding 6 on the trot. Dott was clearly shaken, but I'll give him credit for making an incredible "plant" shot in the 31st frame to put him up 17-14. Either way, I lost the 5 quid that I bet on Ebdon, but it was worth it because Peter gave it his all.

All those snooker talk is getting me excited, so I'm gonna go and pot some pinks and screw back for some reds. Nothin' better than snooker lingo...