February 6, 2006

Things that have been going on

So a lot of stuff happened in the past "bit of time" worth noting. Firstly, big props to Craig and Brad in Shade for letting the Steelers ride their moustaches to a super bowl championship. I hope to see their good luck whiskers on ebay soon, as us Eagles fans could perhaps use them next year.

In other news, I found a random box of old letters that I am going to try to turn into something cool for the new Spintonic site once we finalize it. The new version is on pause while our web-guru waits upon the release of the new apple laptop. All the letters are a rather obscure collection of scribbles from across time. Hopefully, they were the greatest hits of some family, but I haven't read enough of them to find any sort of link or anything. Maybe, I'll try to work them into a podcast or something, as that could be fun to listen to... or at least exploitative.

We are all getting excited for the National Eye cd release. The party at the Khyber should be moist. It occurs on February 17th I think. A saturday. bring your drinkin' pants and your dancin' shoes. I think there are a couple of mp3s on their site from the new disc. listen to them down the streaming format.

Oh ya, I almost forgot. I meant to post this around 5 days ago, but I was too overwhelmed by Joe's new haircut to post it until now. Anyway, after our obsession with snooker culminated with a trip to Randy's Snooker hall in Sheperd's Bush, we were all dubbed with snooker nicknames, as is the way with such a craft. Following in the footsteps of Stephen "interesting" Davis, Alex "Hurricane" Higgins, Ronnie "The Rocket" O'Sullivan, and of course, Alan "Angles" McManus, the spinto band each earned their own nicknames in the snooker hall:

Nick "The Bridge" Krill: dubbed after his precision use of the bridge cue on the table.
"Gentle" Jon Eaton: named after his preference to caress the cue, and barely roll the balls across the table with a motherly touch.
Jeff "The Leprechaun" Hobson: the luck Jeff brings to the table made this name seem only natural
Joe "The Sleeve" Hobson: named after his preference to cover his front hand with his shirt sleeve for a smoother shot.
Sam "Shakes" Hughes: the man can't stand still.
Tom's name I kind of forget, but it had something to do with his unnatural ability to make incredibly lucky shots. It was something like, Tom "Lucky Duck" Hughes, or Tom "Bullshit" Hughes. something like that.

talk soon.