August 29, 2005

Head of Femur Photos

Hey folks, here is a sampling of some of the Head Of Femur photos that were taken during our tenure with them. The Femur folks are a tough band to photograph and I am a crappy photographer, so disclaimers aside, check em out. I think if you click on the photo it enlarges it for you.

August 25, 2005

the king of des moines

Just found this picture in the tour photo archive. It reminded me of our journey to Des Moines to visit the fair king of Des Moines. We had heard legends that the king of this land grants wishes to worthy subjects quite often. Intrigued by such things, the band went to the magical castle he had built out of gold. We approached his gates hoping for a request of a few bagels or perhaps a place to sleep. However, we soon discovered that this "just" king is quite the opposite. No justice was served as the spinto band was turned away without even being able to enter the castle to make our request. Blasphemous!

You can see our distaste for the king of Des Moines in this picture.

August 23, 2005

holy moly

Ok so we have some pretty exciting multimedia coming up in this post. get ready.

first up, there are some photos from our
Austin show
thanks to Sarah and all the fellas at Music For Listeners cant wait to get somewhere where I will be capable of webstreaming your show!

secondly, we have some spaceland photos that recently arrived in our inbox. Thank you very much Irene for sending those.

Now that you have looked at those, I have the cream of the crop. Dave at Wookified Productions hung out with us way back in July when we played The Manhattan Room in Philadelphia. He kept filming stupid stuff we were doing and we now know why. Sam says McDonalds has definitaly had soup in the past.

Thanks to all who gave us your photos. They are all lovely.

Keep in touch for a big old blog post of all the head of femur photos I have been collecting, hopefully capped of with some winners at tonites big finale in Nashville.

chillin in Hot Springs

So the lovely Brad Anders let me use his computer here in Hot Springs to give a bit of a blog update. Everyone is playing board games including the "Worst Case Scenario" survival game which taught me to eat bark if i have a fever in the woods. good advice.

I just came to realize that we play our final show with Head of Femur tomorrow night, and then the final show of the tour two nights after that. Then the band returns to the mundane life of sleeping in beds, eating complete meals, and having conjugal visits from our G-Fs. The Femur guys have become good friends over this adventure, and we will be sad to part ways. All 9 of the homeys in the band (including Pat the sound-homey) haven't given us any wedgies or called us dorks yet. Instead, they have given us touring advice and fixed our snare drums with the tried and true experience of weathered musicians. Well done, chaps, if any of you read this, the spinto band wishes you the best in everything you attempt... even if the things you are attempting involve wedgies and name calling.

Upon return from our home, a few of the band members are going to a hole digging party given by our dear friend Albert. The Big Dig '05 will hopefully be updated on this blog as the intentions of this journal will stray from the band touring and move towards the band lollygagging. Sam has already agreed to attempt to eat 6 taco bell quesedilla things at the big dig, and i think we may crown a new beef master general there as well... i think it would be silly to leave you all in the dark about such things, so keep tight, even after the tour is over.

August 22, 2005

sorry charlie

hey all- I just wanted to apologize for not posting in a few days. so much has happened and there has been no time to track down internet hot spots. I think we have played 3 awesome shows since the last post. and driven a good 1000 miles. that is way too long. even now, i sit in a room with inconsistent internet signals. When I find a legit hot spot im going to post about 25 pictures and tell a story about a girl with no belly button just to make up for this lull. in the mean time, we have to thank the following people for the following reasons:

head of femur... getting us sponge dinosaurs

the DeWitt Family.... being awesome with their hospitality

Toby... for not barking

Jon Chapman.... introducing us to the term "the lergy"

Maria.... showing us where the free nachos roam

until next time, keep the hope alive..

oh ya, another important tidbit! There are some photos up on now, so clear your cache and check that shite out!

exclamation point

August 18, 2005

Desert here we come!

Good news, we will not be super late, only mildly late to Phoenix tonite. The spinto band is happy to discover that Arizona does not “celebrate” daylights saving time. Instead it celebrates the Arizona desert hairy scorpion. Jeff had one. They are not too poisonous, but have a bad attitude. It also celebrates the following dinosaur joke:

Q: Why was the dinosaur scratching his dino-scalp??
A: Dino-mites!!!!!!

Last night we told that joke on stage at Spaceland in Los Angeles. It was a joyous event sponsored by a local radio station KCRW. I like KCRW’s show “Morning Becomes Eclectic.” I used to listen to it on my computer at work. Camel cigarettes, in which Joe received a few complimentary packages of Turkish Gold cigarettes, also sponsored the event. When the young lady advertising Camels asked what I thought they could do to improve sales, I recommended changing the name of their Turkish Gold’s to Turkish Delights.

Head of Femur had another awesome set last night. They are climbing the rock-steady power rankings and are now in a stable top 10 position. They also told a dinosaur joke last night:

Q: What did the dinosaur say to the trilobyte
A: nothing, dinosaurs have been dead for millions of years!

That joke was not as good as this one which Head of Femur let loose in San Francisco:

Q: What do you call a Brachiosaurus who spilled a large cooking pot of Hungarian goulash?
A: The crock mess monster!!!!

Irregardless, all dinosaur jokes are hilarious, as long as confused indie-rock audiences are the recipients.

Speaking of San Francisco, our dear host Mary drove us around town after the show and was nice enough to take us down some steep hills and show us the true tourist attraction of her fine city: the Tanner family home from Full House. It was just as I remembered it from TGIF. Flashbacks of little Stephanie running around in the park while Uncle Jessie and Bob Saget are chill-axin’ on their picnic blanket overwhelmed the Scion and we all had to stretch for a second. Then we went back to her apartment and smoked legal substances and went to sleep. No Team Sorry was played. Mary, if you ever come to the east coast, the spinto band will show you the true tourist attraction of our home town: The Herrs chip factory!

On a side note, there is currently a bubbling obsession in the travels of the spinto band. This obsession takes a back seat to all things Tetris, but has a momentum to take over my consciousness. The game is TextTwist and apparently you can download it at Yahoo games. Proceed with caution. Especially if you have disorders like our friend Sarah who made a movie about it. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 17, 2005

Sam Hughes Reviews: Three Apples a Day Keep the Doctor Away.

Jones Green Apple Soda: We will start this apple themed tri-review with Jones Green Apple Soda (and by the way, for the people who asked, I am a fan of Jones soda. Their sodas have interesting flavors that are better than Coke or Pepsi, but I don’t like having to go to Target to buy them.) Anyway, we’ll get started with the packaging. I respect Jones approach to the labeling of their cans and bottles. They let fans of the soda take pictures of whatever, and then they pick the ones they like and put them on the bottle. I don’t remember what picture was on the last can of Green Apple Soda I had, but it was probably a kid sledding or making a funny face or some shit, again nothing too exciting, but I respect the idea. The color of the soda is important here, and this motherfucker is bright green as it should be. I had mixed reactions after my first taste. The soda is very sweet and tricks you into thinking that it is artificially sweetened way too much, but the after taste leaves you with a nice natural apple taste. Fortunately or unfortunately, this places Green Apple Soda into the “delicacy” soda genre in my mind along with grape and orange sodas. This doesn’t make it a bad drink by any stretch, but it means that I had difficulty finishing a 12-pack in timely fashion and had to resort to using it as a mixer for my 5 O’clock Vodka (which does make a cheap and easy cocktail.) Overall, this is a pretty good product if you don’t overdo it too much and get sick of it too quickly, but is this the apple soda of my eye? Read on…

Frawg by Pepsi, An Apple Flavored Refreshment: I’m not sure if there is much hype behind this 7-11 exclusive beverage, but I do know that it also comes in a Slurpee format, which unfortunately wasn’t available in this Seattle, WA 7-11 convenience store. I tend not to review sodas that are fountain exclusive (Mountain Dew Baja Blast, maybe I’ll get to that one soon) because there are many variables in terms of syrup consistency that may affect flavor, but I had to give this one a try. The packaging and advertisements for the soda are pretty stupid. The logo of the bottom of a frog’s (Frawg’s!!) foot isn’t so bad, but the poster outside of the store of an ultra-hip, in your face frog doing some sort of Tae-Bo move simply made me want to croak. And I’ve got to wonder what the deal is with naming a soda after a slimy amphibian. Just because you use a “W” doesn’t make it alright, but maybe I’ll be proven wrong when Coca-Cola responds with Toadd!, the Toadally awesome apple soda competitor within the next two months. Plus, after drinking this soda I went to the restroom and spit in the sink and the neon green pus-like that came out of my mouth reminded me of what a frog (FRAWGGG!!) might spit out after eating a dragonfly. So, I’d say that the marketing is effective, but perhaps not in a good way. The beverage itself was quite underwhelming. The sweetness was overwhelming, but that is about all there was to take out of it and it was hard to distinguish the green apple flavoring. The fact that this is a caffeinated soda will help it sell, and anybody who is impressed by Jujitsu frogs (Frawgs) might like it too. I know I’m coming back for round two for the Slurpee, but this Frawg has ribbited its last ribbit. Yet there is one more apple to be picked off the tree, and sweetened and carbonated…what could it be?!

Fanta Apple Soda: Fanta Fanta, don’t you wanta, wanta Fanta? I posed this age-old question to myself at a rest stop outside of Denver, CO and the answer that day was a definitive yes. What made this Fanta so appealing (like an apple peel, GET IT?) was that it was a flavor I hadn’t seen before and haven’t seen since. What also makes this interesting is that this wasn’t a green apple soda like those previously reviewed, but rather a red apple soda, possibly based on a Macintosh or a Fuji. I’ve always been intrigued by Coca-Cola’s marketing of their Fanta brand. The commercials feature bold colors, catchy music, and most importantly the Fanta girls who each wear a different color dress which corresponds to the four major Fanta flavors: cherry, grape, orange, and pineapple. While watching these women dance around in their go-go boots, my main concentration is trying to figure out which one is the hottest. Is it Caucasian Pineapple, African-American Orange, or Asian Grape? After thirty seconds of trying to get a good glimpse of each one of them, I inevitably wonder if any of them are all that attractive and soda is the last thing on my mind. Sadly there is no Apple Fanta girl to my knowledge, but if there was I imagine she would wear an amber dress and she would be my wife. I could see the color of soda being unappealing to some as its closest soda relative in terms of tint is probably cream soda, but then again it basically looks like carbonated apple juice, so it makes sense. The closest beverage I can compare this to is Martinelli’s sparkling cider, but with Fanta Apple you get all the flavor without the embarrassment of drinking a non-alcoholic champagne replacement. Fanta Apple has a very crisp carbonated apple juice flavor and very unique taste for any soda. My only wish is that Coke would distribute this beverage outside if that one single gas station in Colorado, but I suppose Johnny Appleseed has been dead for years.

But wait, nothing has been decided yet… Which apple cuisine reigns supreme?!

Fanta Apple!

Let’s look at the scores!
Fanta Apple: 8.5
Jones Soda: 8.0
Frawg: 4.5

Looks like Mr. Jones and (me) that stupid-ass frog have to go back to the drawing board while the Fanta Five (including the new Mrs. Hughes) will dance all night long. Shit yeah I wanta Fanta.

August 15, 2005

The Great Debate

So the spinto band doesn’t really have debates about anything but beast wars topics (see message board.) However, today, the spinto band became philosophers for about a half hour. It all arose when I had a moral plague in the back of my head. I have been purchasing fountain sodas at gas stops, then refilling the empty cups at separate gas stations or restaurants. I asked the band if they thought this was stealing, and more importantly, whether or not it was wrong. I tend to place it on a different level than taking a ho-ho or a bottled soda, but realize that I am taking goods for free. I feel as though that when you buy a soda, you are mainly paying for the cup, and that those big things of syrup and carbonation make the value of the soda non-circumstantial to the business’s income. We then discussed whether or not morality is a black and white issue or if there are gray areas that work as moral loopholes. For instance, if the stolen good is of little value, is it less of an immoral act to steal it, or is theft of all scales viewed the same? Also if someone else (like a gas station attendant) allows you to steal the soda, or gives you the free refill even though you never bought the initial beverage that is being refilled, are you no longer responsible for stealing the good? The debate then went crazy. We started talking about pirated computer files and fish in the sea and attempted to figure out whether or not we were all going to hell or not. It was quite the debate.

feel free to let us know what you think

Shark vs. Bear

So after we played a fun show at the Paradox on Saturday we tracked down a 24-hour bowling alley to help settle and argument. In recent months the spinto band has been trying to figure out who would win in a fight between a bear and a shark. There are arguments for both sides that have kept this beast war on the tip of our tongues since the beginning of the summer. We figured the best way to settle the argument was to split into two teams, title one team “team bear” and the other team “team shark,” and declare a winner based upon whichever team bowled the higher score. We had an initial warm up game and then the battle came forth. The bar had closed at this hour.
The teams were broken down like so: Team Bear consisted of Jeremy “Jrod Manface if your nasty”, Jeff Hobson, Kat Kat Kat Kat Pickle, Big Jon Eaton, and Sam “Crusher” Hughes. Team Shark was as follows: Thomas Foolery, Mojo, Klaus Krill, Kellen “Groo”, and Carly “I mess people up by smacking them in the butt when they are about to bowl” McSpazalot aka Lane Bowler Data. All was going well and the battle was heated. Everyone was doing the strike bumps and shark fins*. The scoring was close and it came down to the final frame. We were finally going to settle the debate that had plagued relationships since 2003. Then all of a sudden, the tenth frame went sour. Everyone started bowling and no matter how many pins they knocked, or gutters they fell into, the computer marked their roll a strike. It was disastrous. Everyone got turkeys on the tenth frame and the whole competition was for nothing. I was so bummed I threw a ball into a gentleman’s lane who was bowling next to us. I was also pretty drunk. No debates were settled, no winners were crowned, and best of all, there were no losers. We tried to talk to “Peen” Mike Dickeyhed about giving us a discount, which he agreed to since such high stake bowling shouldn’t end with such a malfunction, about getting a discount. Peen said he would give us one, but then charged us full price anyway and there were so many of us, no one knew what was going on and we just paid. We also were in a bit of a rush to get back to Seattle headquarters and listen to R. Kelly’s Trapped in a Closet.

*a shark fin is where you put one hand on your forehead, palm first, pointing towards the sky, bend down a bit, and swivel like a swimming shark.


August 13, 2005

Soap Attack

Well I had my second encounter with the Sanis by Cintas soap dispenser toady at an Arco AM-PM gas station in Washington (state). The last time I faced this contraption was at the Jackspot Saloon in Lawrence Kansas. The odd thing about this bugger is the way it shoots out the soap. While the run of the mill dispenser spits out familiar goopy liquid soap, the Sanis by Cantas dispenses a jet stream of some water-soap hybrid. Imagine, if you will, a stream of watery soap exploding out of this thing into your hand. The best comparison I can think of is a water pistol. The Sanis by Cantas is probably the public rest room equivalent of the Super Soaker 10.

Needless to say it takes one by surprise and isn’t quite what you want to deal with during a leisurely hand wash. Maybe this is a new breed of “extreme” dispensers, but if that is the case why doesn’t the Sanis just cut out the middleman and spit out Mountain Dew for corn sake.

Malkolm in the middle…of nowhere

I had just woken up and was extra groggy from a rather bad bit of sleeping in the car. I think that perhaps the mountain driving didn’t agree with one of my sleep stages (delta wave sleep maybe? ---- on that note, do you think you can even reach the delta wave deep sleep during a car ride, or would all the car fuss mess with yer sleep stages? Maybe that was the problem all along.)

Anyhow, we pulled into a shell station somewhere in the middle of Oregon and piled out of the car to “gas up.” As I was doing my standard gas station / rest stop stretch routine I overheard someone at the next pump saying “hmm I think that is a band.” I looked up and saw a peculiar looking fellow who seemed strangely familiar. When I went in to the gas station to throw out some garbage and look for a rest room I saw the guy hanging out across from a magazine rack and sunglasses carousel. At this point I was pretty sure I knew who this was so I went up, introduced myself, and asked, “Are you Stephen Malkmus?” Sure enough it was him. He asked a little bit about our group and we had a chat about the tour, Idaho, and what to expect in Portland. Incidentally, he predicted we would hit traffic near Portland, and indeed we did.

Anyhow, we walked back to our cars, exchanging a few thoughts on Philadelphia, and I went in the trailer to get him a spinto band disc. Meanwhile he shared some thoughts with the rest of the band about the west coast and we exchanged some war stories about sleeping on strangers’ floors.

I suppose that was probably the most interesting part of the day* seeing as we played a rather sloppy set last night at Loveland.

Ok, I suppose I’m off now. Oh, before I forget, I am teaching myself how to pick locks.

*Although we did have a nice fruit and veggie tray at the club which was pretty good.

August 12, 2005

tap the rockies

So the tetris scores have been piling up on our Game boy here. We have two spintos in the 200,000 club and they both have the last name Hughes. We’ve all been burying our faces in the game boy as we drive by some of the most scenic landscapes in the country. Every couple of minutes I’ll look up from tetris and see a mountain, or even better, a plateau.

Between Boulder, Denver and Salt Lake City a lot of happenings took place. We met this band named Head of Femur. We told jokes about dinosaurs. We ate homemade bread with almond butter. We played some shows… Well I guess that isn’t too much.

Tom took note that there are a lot of S & M shops in Denver. I applaud Denver for not hiding their sexual curiosities in closets and under beds. More people should admit to buying leather bondage equipment and asking where the magic is.

We also discovered where the name Head of Femur comes from. Apparently when Elvis Presley played the Ed Sullivan Show way back when, the producers told the cameramen not to shoot Elvis below the head of his femur because (this is the best part) that’s where rock n roll ends and sex begins. I liked that story.

On the drive to the Great Salt Lake, we drove through a lot of Wyoming. Wyoming is a unique state. From what it seems, there really aren’t any cities there. Just towns and ranches and tumbleweed fences. There is something admirable about this. For a state to feel as though it can succeed without a skyscraper or public transportation system or corporate hotel discount is somehow romantic. It is as though Wyoming had a choice when Denver and Salt Lake City were forming. Should we also make a large city that will house professional sports franchises, large universities, and commercial think tanks? No, who needs it… we’re fine… I like us the way we are.
Thus Wyoming became a part of the union, and its citizens raised horses and summitted peaks, fixed tractors and collected eggs, lived under star filled skies and snowy mountain tops, raised families and earned minimal funding for terrorist protection under the Patriot Act.

August 11, 2005

Kilby Court

So the Kilby Court was pretty great.

Its located in Salt Lake City.

The sound man was nice, and the door lady was attractive (nudge, nudge).

The bathrooms were clean, and the sodas were free (no alky here). The Happies were happy and put us up for the night with homemade bread and massive zucchinis that we graciously enjoyed. Tetris took over with a top score of 141676 that stunned everyone.

Back to the venue. its hidden in this little alley, which I liked. We thought we were lost and drove by it 3 times before we walked into a nice courtyard and some sodas. Jeff liked the merch building which was on the other side of the courtyard and across from the room with the stage. There was a bball net and we dusted the rust off of our jump shots.

im going to sleep now


when we were in Nebraska we remembered we had a camera... sure enough, there was a great sunset happening.

August 9, 2005

driving to Colorado

I like the plain states. By plain states I mean the Midwest. By Midwest I mean the territory in the Unites States west of the Mississippi River and East of the Rocky Mountains. These states hold a containment not found on the east coast. Their cities are separate from other cities and the mileage in between has some cornfields, cell phone towers, and a few dilapidated silos, not much else.

I think of a few things on these drives through the midwest; first, I wonder what it takes to start a town out here. There is a lot of unused property where I feel like if I paved a Main street and built a townhall, I could have my own town. People would come and gamble in the saloon and discuss building a water tower at town meetings. It seems feasible. We could have a low cost of living and draw people in with unique business ventures (as of yet to be determined). The founding fathers of our town could help raise the first structures, and we could paint a mosaic in the community center dedicated to them. We could be accessible by route 70 as that seems to be a big one where we are spending most of our time. Preferably tobacco sales would plummet and we could just buy up a few hundred acres of unprofitable tobacco fields and start our town on top of it. I will be in charge of the apple orchard where we ship apples to Krogers in Des Moines, Lincoln, and Kansas.
The other thing I think about sounds like this: “hmmm, I wonder how different these Americans are from the ones I spend my time with.” I like to think that since we all live in the same country, we are basically similar. Then again, if this were Europe, the spinto band would have just driven from Spain to Germany where the people change quite a bit (while they stay the same in many ways too.) When we drive by a group of row homes next to the highway I wonder if the occupants laugh at Stella, crave for Reeses, and worry about energy conservation. Sure they all probably voted for Bush, but they could still very well be the same.
This thought leads me to a thousand more thoughts: “if I grew up in the Midwest, would I be in a rock band?” “What is a larger determinant of personality, age/experience or environment?” “why is my cell phone still roaming despite all these damn cell towers in the corn fields?” So far most of the people I have met have been quite similar to myself. At shows and in gas stations, I still find people that want to find cheap breakfasts, watch Six Feet Under, and “let loose.” This was a bit disappointing. The differences I had built in my head remained right there… in my head. Note that I have not interacted with too many Midwesterners, and most of them are college students or young adults, but I still found that if they were German and I was Spanish, we would still be able to win a game of Team Sorry as teammates. Then again, I wonder if there is a spot on the globe, where this would not hold true.
Another thing I have been thinking about is that we are playing with a lot of bands with beards. The last two nights I have seen 7 beards on musicians AT LEAST. That is a whole other anthropology debate which I don’t think I’m ready for just yet. What is the correlation of percents of musicians with beards versus percents of accountants with beards and on top of that gross income of people with beards versus gross income of people without beards? I don’t think there has been a bearded president since the 1800s,. What does that tell you? Would I vote for a man with a beard? Most definitely.

Hopefully the high altitudes of Colorado will help me think these questions out. However, the sherpa-like citizens atop the Rockies may be too busy drinking hot cocoa and sharpening grappeling hooks to discuss such topics.

August 7, 2005

chigger bites

so lets see, yesterday we spent a good ol' time in laurance kansas. between barber shops, chigger hunts and word dojo we wound up playign a pretty fun concert at the jackpot saloon.

the day began with a stroll down mass street. this is a rather interesting street and has the most barber shops i have ever seen on a single main street. mass street is also home to the fabulous mass street music. these folks were really top drawer especially their guitar repair fellow. he ended up fixing two of our guitars for free and luckily he didn't have any sort of "technician attitude" which one often encounters with music shop employees and live sound technicians--we think these people may have all had a similar traumatic experience during childhood that makes them all wang dangles. but anyhow mass street music was great and no wang dangles in sight.

after the music shop we hung around the jackpot saloon and played "word dojo"

after word dojo we were pretty tired so we went looking for food. luckily the hippies fromt the "food not banks" club were giving out free bagels and some kind of rice dish right down the block from the club. this little get togeher was characterised by bandanas worn around necks (like this !! but on humans) and photocopies of atom bombs exploding. that got me thinking of the manhatan project and some of the interesting characters involved with it, notably Richard Feynman and tom dowd

anyhwo that filled us up pretty well.

special thanks to Becca for housing us and being a most excellent host throughout our stay in Kansas. Good luck in your final year of college.

August 6, 2005


So this tour I want to try to keep a special entry focused on the various clubs we play in. I will try to rate their bathrooms, their drink specials and hotness of the bartenders (when applicable)... we will start with Mojo's in Columbia MO....

My favorite part about Mojos was all the nice people there. The bartender bought us shots and was reading Frank Miller comics when we got there. The sound man made some good jokes about the midwest, and the waitresses answered our questions about fancy shots without looking at us funny. They also had a VJ that was real nice and jockeyed his only Cardigans video for me when I requested it. Unfortunately it was this video.

The bathrooms at Mokos were adequate. I did a #1 and a #2 there and both were undisturbed and satisfying. I rate it a good rating, not great though

The drink specials were above average. The band got all the free generic beers we wanted and the barkeep refused to let us tip him because he is the man. Tom rates their other drink specials The Bomb. We had a rootbeer bomb which the barkeep bought us. It is a shot of rootbeer schnapps in a beer that you pound. i say it was ok, tom says it was the bomb.

Mojos was a good start to the tour. While it was your basic summer college town vacancy, we still had fun. Then we went to a Ramada Inn and swam. There was a taxidermy convention at the Inn.

Continental Grift

we managed our first continental breakfast grift on the way to St. Louis. It was great. Awesome glazed donuts, o.j., and coffee. Premiere, especially since I was getting towards the asleep at the wheel stage of the game.

The hilite of the grift was when Tom spilled coffee all over his Cryptorchid Chipmunk shirt and made a great chipmunk sound to accompany it. If I had to onamonapeasize the sound, it would go like this, "grrrrrrphhhsssss" real fast.

(there is a 3 stooges movie on right now and the guy from fantastic 4 is playing curly. note: not a real 3 stooges movie, but a movie about the stooges)

The Witt Home

I wanted to make a special little post thanking the dear dear Witt's for their midwestern hospitality. We drove 14+ hours from Wilmington to St. Louis and were greeted with sloppy joes. Can you imagine anything more welcoming?

They also gave us fruit and fancy bagels in the morning and I shaved in their bathroom. I have now shaved in two Witt bathrooms in my lifetime. We think the Witts is better than the Ritz!

A new day

well well.

The spinto band finds themselves on the road again this summer. We are currently in Lawrence Kansas after playing our first show of the day. We have already grifted.

August 1, 2005

August begins

OK folks. I am worried that people are no longer reading this. If so, I understand. However, let it be known that the spinto band will be back on the road in a few days and more grifting will ensue. In the mean time, read a post from the teeth message board about their tour:

PostPosted: Sat Jul 30, 2005 12:42 am Post subject: tour
i am in seattle's public library. I will give you a quick overview of the tour thus far because the library is closing very soon.

I lost my house keys the day we left, I lost my wallet at the first show in Pittsburgh, we played a funny little bar in michigan that paid us in potato salad and boiled hamburgers, we played a show in detroit and hung out with some people we met there, went to a party then I passed out at a house, had some good breakfast, camped out in a field in michigan, played a great show in athens ohio etc. etc. Aaron and jonas and brian climbed a cliff in Utah, but i didn't cause I was too scared, made our way across the country to california played some shows, camped out in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, swam in a river, saw some snakes, went to modesto it was hot, stayed in a horrible hotel with spiders and ants in it (also moist stained towels) stayed in a house in Sacremento for two days went to a river played at a house party, went to Portland and saw Chris Watson and some "distributor guys", went to a strip club passed out.

now I'm in Seattle. And from this point on we aren't going away from Philadelphia we are coming back to philadelphia (August 20th, North Star Bar). I miss you all.

further more. The most up to date tour dates are still located on so for those of you who live outside of the Philadelphia Area: look at it.

check that little boondoggle out at (then message board)