September 28, 2006

Bio Willie

While driving through Texas the other day, we passed one of the coolest rest stops we've ever had the pleasure to enter. Somewhere between Houston and Austin we pulled into a Bio-Willie truck stop and found a bunch of pumps pumping Willie Nelson's eco-friendlier diesel gas into trucks.

Hats off to Mr. Nelson. Using his notoriety to help Americans ween off of gasoline is inspiring. I think everyone is now aware that oil industries feed us our daily bread, so why not have our daily bread be healthier for us and have the server be an old hippy with pig tails and a smile? I know that would make me feel more like buying an SUV.

I tried to see if the bio-diesel gas looked any different, but couldn't really tell. All I have figured out so far is that it works with 80% regular diesel and 20% hippy-juice (there are also more eco-friendly grades, all the way up to 100% hippy-juice which is not unlike the DeLorean's fuel intake in Back to The Future 2). Apparently Hummer manufacturers are confused. They wonder if they should make a bigger car to compensate for the little bit of the environment that is perking up due to the friendlier fuel.

We bought some beef jerky and wished Bio-Willie farewell as we had a soda-tasting with the Music For Listeners home-boys. Here is one last photo from that day, post-soda-taste.

I wanted to make a quick statement on my never-ending photo red eye... it will haunt me till the day I die.

September 23, 2006

So we did this podcast

So check this. We were sitting around the other night and this guy claiming to be Chris Cain from We are Scientists called us and asked us a few questions... Little did we know he was recording the whole conversation, then he posted it in on their webpage in a podcast format. We would feel a little weird about it if he didn't have such a stunning moustache.

check it out :

September 22, 2006

Love Bugs

looks like we hit the Gulf Coast at a magical time. Love Bug season! According to Wikipedia, twice a year (Sept. and May) Love Bugs launch onto Florida motorways and stick to windshields in hordes. Ford Econoline vans are their greatest predators, and we messed 'em up good-like today. At one point everyone thought it was raining because of the rapidity of bugs hitting our windshield. A few miles up the road, our sound man, Dave, looked up from his DaVinci Code in the front seat of the We Are Scientists van because he too thought it was raining. There was no rain today though, just hundreds of thousands of Love Bugs. It was amazing. The rest stops had bug washing stations set up, so you could clean all the love bugs off your car.

J.P. told us that they were engineered by Univ. of Florida students, and then escaped the lab and bred like crazy till they took over the Gulf Coast, but we have since learned that J.P. is a liar... and a funny drunk.

I wonder if Disney World is even infected with them.

September 19, 2006

no love for Ned?

well, I thought I would let everyone know (again) about a pretty cool internet radio show. It is presented by a man whos love for X Files is only surpassed by his love for music, Ned. You can check it out at .

there is a set by the spintoband up on the site, plus some other great bandolinas.

Im currently sitting in Ned's living room (and stunned at his DVD collection) wondering what I should do for breakfast, or if we should just show up to today's show late, and stick around here awhile and watch Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.

September 18, 2006

The New Tour Starts Today

Ok folks- off on the road again. Hoping to keep everyone in the loop as best as possible with daily updates to this site.

Since it has been a while, I suppose I should catch everyone up to speed. First off, the mandolin was returned to the spinto band. Apparently the thief felt bad and was convinced by some friends to return it to the club where, the next morning, we retrieved it. Thank you to everyone that helped out with that little fiasco, and I apologize if you did not hear that it was returned. We weren't quite as thorough with our "found mandolin" emails as we were with our "lost mandolin" emails.

As far as this tour goes though, we find ourselves on our way to Carrboro NC to join up with Art Brut and We Are Scientists. Both of these bands are considered rock royalty in many tea party circles, so we are quite honored to share stages with them for the next few weeks. We will be heading to a few new places where no spinto has ever gone, such as Vancouver and Florida. We know Vancouver will be fun, but are a bit freightened of Florida. We hate gators.

In other news, Jeff won a great game of Madden on his computer, which he just figured out how to play people online. This made Jon feel good after he attended the crushing defeat of the Eagles in their home opener in Philly. One side of his face turned pink with sunburn, and now he looks like he may need to wear (more) makeup. We are trying to talk Sam into doing more soda reviews, and maybe you all could help... comment here if you want to hear what Sam thinks of roadside colas, in the lost but not forgotten series Sam Hughes Reviews.

uh oh- laptop battery is about to die and I didn't get to upload that picture of a croc.