August 24, 2011

oh manji: the magician's secrets revealed

Everyone here at the Spinto Band home office was so flattered to have our song made into a Jumanji song parody, that we just had to get to know the people behind it. Here is a nice little interview with Graham and Nat, the brains behind the video!Link

The Spinto Band: Who are you, and where are you from?

Graham: I am Graham and I am 28 years old. I have lived most my life in a little town called East Grinstead, which is about 30 miles from London - the only point of reference in England. It is also the World Scientology HQ. This may explain why I sit indoors making videos when I should be outside in the sunshine.

Nat: I am Nat and I live in the wonderful town of Sheffield in the north of England.

SB: What was your inspiration for an “Oh Mandy” / “Jumanji” parody?

N: Great song + great film + a bit of time to kill = Oh Manji. It started with just singing the chorus and then I thought...'I know...!'

SB: Do you do a lot of these videos? are there any other videos planned?

G: I have never edited video before in my life. However, since putting this together, I have just been constantly editing films down to 3 and a half minutes in length with instrumental versions of songs on top of them. That way, if Nat ever decides she wants to do this again, I might be able to save some time if she chances on one I've already prepared. I've got my fingers crossed for American Psycho / Man in the Mirror

N: I think this is a one off!

SB: How long did the video take?

G: The video itself took about 5-6 hours. It only took that long because
a.) FUN FACT: The word "Jumanji" is only spoken 3 times in the movie "Jumanji". This didn't give me much to work with.
b.) CONTINUITY FACT: Robin Williams actually goes to the shoe factory THEN has a shave. This made picking shots of the shoe factory quite difficult without suggesting that Robin Williams has a beard that grows back instantly. I bet he could totally do that if he wanted though.

N: Graham did the hard work here, I only spent about an hour writing the lyrics and then recording them (hence the continuity error)

SB: Do you do anything else music or video related?

N: I do (real, non-comedy) songs in my band Nat Johnson and the Figureheads: (and in my old band Monkey Swallows the Universe:

SB: We have a song called "Later On" if you were to make a song parody
with it about the plot of "Star Trek II: the WRATH OF KHAN" what would
the first verse and chorus be?

James Tiberius Kirk is rebuking Kirsty Alley
Her decisions killed the whole crew
Wait - it's fine. It was just a test run

So later on we meet Khan - he seems to want to know where Kirk is. KHAAAN


Your mind worm's in Chekov's head
He's telling all our secrets
We'll get you in the end though


SB: We recently became addicted to the board game Settlers of Catan.
Have you played that game? Do you know if it is as dangerous to play
as Jumanji?

G: I heard someone say it once. I think it is 34% less dangerous than Jumanji.

N: I've never heard of it but I'm pretty sure all games have an element of danger which is what makes them fun. I once lost at scrabble and the word 'loser' became magically tattooed across my face. I've since won a game and can go out in public again without a mask.

SB: What song would you use to parody Settlers of Catan?

G: I would use "Man in the Mirror". It is the only song I know. It also has the same number of syllables as "Settlers of Catan" (as long as you say "Settlers" as 2 syllables), which is the main criteria.

N: I'm not sure how you pronounce Catan (Cay - tan or Ca- Tan?) but if it's the latter I would probably try and do that 'Whatta Man, whatta mighty good man' song by Salt N Pepa/En Vogue.

SB: What is the best Robin Williams movie where he has a beard, and why?

G: Happy Feet. It's a shame you can't see it, but if you get the Blu-Ray version, you can hear it bristling in high definition audio.

N: Does he have a beard at the start of Mrs Doubtfire? I can't remember, but how about a video of Mrs Doubtfire to the song Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon?

SB: Is Robin Williams the hairiest man you've ever seen?

G: I just Googled "Hairiest Man" to properly research this. I found this: I don't have anything to add.

SB: If you were stuck on a desert island with Robin Williams and he died and you had to eat him what would be the first part of him you ate? Why?

G: In Dead Poets Society, he says "Sucking the marrow out of life doesn't mean choking on the bone." so I'd probably try that to see if he was right.

N: Any part of him I didn't have to shave first.

SB: Do you have anything else you would like to add? Or any special message for the eight people who read this blog?

N: Just that I saw you in Manchester a few years back and it was good, come back to the UK! Hi Spinto Band blog readers!

August 20, 2011

Oh Manji

We've had a lot of wonderful things happen to us in our 10+ year career, but a musical synopsis of the movie JUMANJI parodying our song "Oh Mandy" has got to be in the top 5.