October 28, 2010

We Ought to Autumn.

We've been taking some time off, but things are about to get spicy...A cinnamon / nutmeg / pumpkin sort of spicy.

In addition to mixing of the new record, we've got a couple of things up our sleeve...The most exciting being our first show in Philadelphia in over 6 months!

...And it just happens to be with a bunch of cool bands (would we do anything else?). Yes, the ever so delightful Paper Masques are playing...but also there is a relatively new [SUPER?] group playing who will be celebrating the release of their debut EP! They are called the Daylight Savings and Loan and they are made up of some very good buddies of ours who all happen to have very good bands on their resumes: Mini Band, Portable Folk Band, Sw!ms (all of whom unfortunately require a parenthetical R.I.P). It is going to be a very fun time. We're also going to try to play more songs off of the upcoming record so that should be interesting. So remember:

November 11th at Johnny Brenda's in Philadelphia.