February 23, 2011

For our own benefit...

We have a confession to make.

This month marks the anniversary of our addiction to the Super Nintendo game, Super Bomberman 2.

Yes, it has been a full year since we introduced this dangerous distraction into our lives. It seemed that whenever we got together we played a couple (or dozen) rounds of this game. It began as much-needed break from the long recording sessions, tiresome practices or grueling load-outs...but it soon grew into something it prevented us from doing those things entirely. We were not playing Bomberman anymore. It was playing us.

Just like David Hasselhoff's daughter famously filmed him drunkenly eating a Wendy's hamburger, Jeff secretly recorded footage of us during a round of Bomberman...So we could see for ourselves how this game affects us and how little control over it we have. These are the sobering results:

February 16, 2011

SXSW: Round 1

this will no doubt be a true showdown, be sure to r.s.v.p. here: http://austin.noisepop.com/

"let it not be said that i could not play the game, or abide by the rules." - clair huxtable

February 14, 2011

Friends From Another (Milk) Mother

This weekend The Beast Pageant made its west premiere in San Francisco. It was there that our dear friends Albert Birney and Jon Moses met up with another one of our dear friends, Jonathan Mann. To make things even crazier, Cheston Gasik showed up!

Jonathan is one of the most diligent, creative and prolific songwriters I know (he has been writing a song a day for over two years) and he was inspired to pen a number about the film. It is so thrilling to see these minds get together from afar. Some day we will all be living in a giant house together.