February 27, 2009

Sam Hughes Reviews: X-TREME Edition

A very exciting day at the Spintonic Offices indeed! We're pleased to announce that our "Sam Hughes Reviews" segments have been picked up to air on MTV2 Europe. It's for a new program entitled "Life from the Motorway" which focuses on different touring bands dispelling their thoughts on life, travel, and food. Sam was a perfect fit but they have asked him to review something a little different than the usual beverage this time. In conjunction with Walker Potato Crisps promotional "Do us a flavour: Pick a winner!" contest, Sam has chosen the "Fish and Chips" entry.

We had do make some comprimises on the editing / music selection process, but so it goes...

February 18, 2009

Dia De Los Muertos

Do you ever wish you could abandon your east coast anchors and just....live it up in San Francisco?

Don't we all?

Well, then fortunately for all of us, the musical website Pandora has just launched its new website, "VirtuSF". The site allows you to experience the exciting, multicultural San Francisco lifestyle without having to leave your home (and without having to pay the RENT).

Even more fortunately for some (and unfortunately for most - Ed.) the site is in EXTREME Beta testing and only allows you to experience San Francisco on November 1st, 2008 from the inside of the Bottom of the Hill between the hours of 16:00 to 24:00 PDT.

Limited, I know, but the Pandora crew has been able to document four songs from a Spinto Band concert held during that time, and most importantly:

It has been able to document Jon Eaton's dedication to the Latin American holiday, Dia De Los Muertos.

See for yourself.

February 8, 2009

Modern Rock Band covers "Oh Mandy"?

This is pretty crazy. A friend of mine just sent me this article:

Krillington Zero? While that may not exactly role off your tongue, I would suggest you keep practicing because it won't be long before this band achieves household name status. Hailing from just outside of Akron, Ohio, this five-piece displays a wealth of talent on their debut album, Zero to Infinity which features an original blend of hard rock, metal, and even rap. Most surprisingly, though, is the choice of their lead-off single, "Oh Mandy" which is actually a cover of song by an obscure "indie" group, the Spinto Band. But even calling it a "cover" is a bit of a stretch considering how Krillington Zero transforms what was once off-key hipster garble into a powerful, yet emotional musical statement. "We wanted a record that would communicate with everyone, not just one group of people or another," says lead singer Matt Fantegrossi. "We're saying what we feel in a simple way with the hope that if you're a human being with a heart that's beating, you will appreciate at least some part of this record". If you share Fantegrossi's sentiment, be sure to catch them on the road opening for Staind on a national tour spring. Their already infamous stage show manages to turn up both the excitement AND volume. - Alternative Press

I found the track, too
if anyone is curious: