February 26, 2007

Treasure of the Cisne Episode 1: Beginning of the Cisne

So here it is the first chapter in the Cisne series:

You can watch the trailer with scenes from upcoming episodes here.
New episodes will be updated every Sunday to our YouTube account, so make sure to check back and see what sort of hijinks unfold.

episode credits:

Alowishus and Herman- Nick Krill and Thomas Hughes

Viper Security Expert- Ned from No Love For Ned

Boss Tweed- Joe Hobson

February 24, 2007

Them Jeans Done Remixed Rich Boy

It is a rare occasion when you hear a song remixed and say, "shit this song isn't as bad as I once believed... In fact, it's a ripe plum in a late-autumn field! a California Roll on a plate of fish eyes! a manicured toenail on the foot of a distance runner!"

Such a statement was recently made.

Rich Boy- Throw Some D's (Them Jeans Remix)

Nick has been singing the bridge all week. From what we have investigated, When Rich Boy says D's, he means these. Which is good to know, but the song can be fun to listen to while believing D's are any of the following: Donuts, Denim, or what Jon believed it was; Dice (fuzzy ones that hang from the mirror.)

hip hop hooray!

February 22, 2007

Indied Cover

So recently this blog has not been much of a tour journal describing grifting stories and showing what Jeff ordered for dinner. We are focusing more on creating the quintessential spinto band multimedia catalog.

To further add to that- check out this cover of an old Spinto Band Mersey track from the Mersey and Reno days.

Martha Dumptruck Massacre

There is also a cool mash up of Rich Boy and Spinto Band that I will track down and post up here soon... Its got Nick singing along.

February 8, 2007

NPR bit

Here is a link to Joel Rose's NPR story on bands cheapening their music.

Listen In

Joel did a good job bringing to light one of the problems with the music biz. I really like the interview with the guy from the Chicago Sun Times. He laid down the one side of the argument perfectly, then probably went and wrote a scathing record review for pitchfork. When Nick mentions that a lot of reporters ask us about the Sears ad, he isn't joking. The ad aired for 2 weeks around the country and has been talked about for over a year now. I think people like Jim from the Chicago Sun Times don't realize that it isn't as much the advertisement itself that puts a kink in the perception of the music, but the media backlash that music writers ignite. If they just let it lie and wrote more about the music and band perhaps more musicians could quit flipping burgers and tour out to Vancouver on Sears-bucks. Either way, it helped us on to NPR.

In other news- I watched that Wilco documentary and remembered how awesome Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is. I remember getting it on a friends recomendation in Syracuse NY at a great record shop called SoundGarden. When I went to check out, the dude at the counter had a big grin on his face and started telling me about how he saw Jeff Tweedy earlier in the year and explained the whole story of the band being dropped from their label to me. Then he said, "man was that label dumb! this record is famous!" I don't know what he meant by famous, but the record is soooo good.

February 6, 2007

Brown Boxes video

So I have been wating to post this video for a while. It's another Albert creation and could be my favorite yet. Like the Direct To Helmet video, we shot it at the Hobson's house, which Albert then transformed into a frightening dream land. Albert has told me he keeps a dream journal, and I imagine it is more terrifying than any chapter in the Leprechaun series. Anyway, enjoy the video:

Directed, animated, and shot by Albert Birney and Vanessa Lauria 2006