August 23, 2009

New Spinto Band Release!

Coming this fall we have a brand new EP entitled Slim & Slender. It is a collection of four little tunes we recorded at Nick's paper lab in Philadelphia earlier this summer. The songs were only loosely rehearsed and utilize more acoustic instruments than previous Spinto Band records. It contains a cover of one of our favorite songs, "Brazil" as well as three originals. The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Jackhammer (Slim Version)
2. Brazil

3. Keep Them Alive (Slender Version)

4. Thayer Function

The first half of this record is up now on our myspace and those of you that follow Hypemachine, "Jackhammer" is available and ready to be "loved" so please click that little heart for us!

The physical release will be in a special 10" vinyl format with artwork designed by the incredible Rachel Bone of Red Prairie Press (who also gave us the art of Moonwink). Park the Van Records will be distributing it worldwide on October 6th.

We'll be doing a small tour to this October as well, but more on that later. Back to working on the FULL LENGTH at our new GARDEN CENTER.

August 22, 2009

August 21, 2009

Music for Listeners flipped 180 degrees...

The Spinto Band has just participated in a (willing) takeover of San Antonio's finest music program, Music For Listeners. The wonderful hosts, Michael and Orlando, are putting their three hours in the hands of bands across the world and we were lucky enough to be one of them!

The show airs TONIGHT from 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM EST on KRTU (91.7 in San Antonio). If you're not in the area you can also listen directly on the internet here.

What can you expect to hear on the show? You can listen to Jon wax nostalgic on Frank Zappa's "Peaches en Regalia", take in Nick's Lomax-ian field recordings of local Philadelphia area musicians, indulge an essay and playlist by Thomas inspired by the drums of the Ronnettes' "Be My Baby" and hey, maybe even Joe will dispense some video game tips for "Yo! Noid". On the 180, anything can happen!

Once premiered our show will be archived here. Take a listen or something!

August 11, 2009

The Studio...Revealed.

Friends, we give you the Garden Center.

If we were to give you a "virtual tour", we'd make your virtual-self turn 180 degrees to this sight:
This is an attempt to recreate what the world looks like to Jeff Hobson. It it also a general view of the tracking room. You may have noticed by this point (or our last studio update) that this building has horizontal lines running amongst its walls. These are what folks in the industry call "slatwall". It has many uses...Mainly:
Hanging up things on the walls like musical instruments! If you know the Spinto Band, then you know one of our biggest pet peeves is decisiveness. With new-fangled these "slatwalls", there is no commitment or consequence if you want to put something up on the wall! You can take things down or move them around as you see fit. Also, As you can probably see, we've adopted two pianosauruses from the local animal shelter. These two, Cassidy and Meadow, provide much needed 1) Security and 2) Unconditional Love within the Garden Center. Anyway, moving on...Let's visit the "Control Room".This is the room where we take control! Can anyone spot the burlap? Good. Now if you virtually turn around you'll find yourself looking at this:Yes, everybody. It's the "Chillaxin Zone". You can tell by the delicately placed acoustic guitar. It's either 1) Was just being played by someone who was chillaxin or 2) Chillaxin all by itself. Okay, enough of that...Let's go back into the tracking room!To play some video games! That's right! That white paper hanging above the television is entitled "Games beaten in the Garden Center". There are already five games on there and if that's not a sign of our [Lack of? - Ed.] productivity I don't know what is! Not sure if you can tell, but that is the Yo! Noid Nintendo game being played. I'll leave you with some wise words...taken directly from the Yo! Noid Game FAQ, written by someone who goes by the handle of simply "Psycho Penguin".
Yo! Noid has never really received the mainstream recognition it deserved in my
opinion, because it is one of my all time favorite games. Featuring lots of
innovative gameplay, the game is a fantastic side scrolling action/adventure
game that is great fun for the entire family! Overall, Yo! Noid for the NES is
one of my all time favorite games. I was also quite surprised to see that no
one wrote a guide for this great game yet, so I decided to!