July 20, 2008

Release Dates! Residency!

So Moonwink, finally has some release dates! The time period will be autumnal. Those of you living in the United Kingdom, (and the rest of the European Union, for that matter) will have the privilege of being the first people in the world to purchase it when it Fierce Panda drops it on September 15th (during a full moon...a full Harvest moon).

Those of you living in North America won't have to wait long after, for Park the Van Records will unleash it on October 7th. Vinyl-enthusiasts, fear not. For the first time west of the Atlantic, we will be pressing 12 inched LPs (the radical ones that come with a CD copy so you can still listen to it on your discman!).

In show news, we still have three more shows at the Union Hall in Brooklyn. Last Thursday was great, and the remaining shows are on par to be so as well. For example, next Thursday:

July 24th - And The Moneynotes

Probably one of the most up-and-coming of Scranton's "gypsy-beat" scene. For you Scrantontonians, they may be a "local band", but this Thursday, they will be foreign. And you will want to marry them so they can get citizenship.

July 31st - Ball Of Flame Shoot Fire

It's rare that we get along with people from Pittsburgh (for obvious reasons), but these kids have won us over with their musical charms. Raucous piano and horn sing-a-longs that never abandon well-crafted pop sensibilities.

August 7th - The Homophones

The video above is everything the Homophones aren't. Imagine the possibilities!

For a list of the other groups playing, please see this post.