September 14, 2012

European Tour Dates

FRIENDS!  We are hard at work in the studio chipping away at our new album bit by precious bit.  It's really encouraging to get so much feedback from everyone so make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on the latest Spinto happenings and giveaways.  We're mostly done recording and are now into the mixing phase.  The home stretch is in sight and we hope to have the album mostly buttoned up by the time we head over to Europe for our tour later this fall.

Oh, by the way, we're touring Europe this fall!  The following dates are set in stone and 100% confirmed:

November 19, Le Botanique, Bruxelles Brussel, Belgium
November 28, Molotow Bar, Hamburg, Germany
November 30, Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands
December 1, Le Belvedere, Namur, Belgium
December 3, La Maroquinerie, Paris, France
December 6, Dusseldorf, Germany

We hope to announce a few more shortly so keep an eye on all of the above mentioned social media outlets to stay up to date.  We look forward to seeing all of our European friends for the first time in three years.  Tell the United Kingdom to stock up on Twiglets.

September 13, 2012

Show Pursuit

FRIENDS!  We have some awesome news to share!  After lifetimes spent as avid video game fans we are thrilled to report that we have starred in and released our very own game!  Show Pursuit, our collection of six mini-tributes to some of our favorite games of yesteryear, was programmed by our good friend Jordi Pamies; we handled the soundtrack (you may recognize some of the tunes from Shy Pursuit), sound effects, and between-level intro skits.  It currently enjoys a 5 out of 5 average review score and is available on your favorite Apple iDevice, be it phone, pod, or pad, for the bargain bin price of 99 cents.  We have you have as much fun playing it as we did making it, and good luck on level five of Sssssssnick.

Show Pursuit App Store Link