May 20, 2009

Guerilla Drive-Ins, MacGuffins, and a sample from our new EP...

We've teamed up with our friends at West Chester's own Guerilla Drive-In to create their new MacGuffin message!

MacGuffin message? Well, to explain: The Guerilla Drive-In hosts "guerilla" style drive-in movies. They are "Guerilla" in the sense that they are unannounced and unpredictable except to those priveledged few who are GDI members. How do you become a GDI member? You need to FIND THE MACGUFFIN!

The MacGuffin is an AM transmitter, wired to an ex-Retropod Sony Sports Walkman, playing a continuous-loop answering machine cassette, all stuffed inside a weatherproof Pelican case. The MacGuffin broadcasts a short message on AM 1700. The message contains the secret access code you need to find out where and when Guerilla Drive-In movies will be shown.

Sounds fun to me!

Anyways, the Spinto Band has provided the background music for the current MacGuffin. It's a sample of our cover of "Brazil" that will be appearing on the next EP. In addition to that, we've also included a secret MESSAGE within a MESSAGE especially for Spinto Band fans. If you'd like to hear it, you need to go searching through the woods of West Chester, PA.

Or you could go to the Guerilla Drive-In website...

Or maybe even BoingBoing!

Regardless, the Guerilla Drive-In is an amazing institution we're happy to take be apart long as it makes us all GDI members!

May 13, 2009

Spinto Band Bus Reviews: Wicker Man

Back in March we found ourselves traveling around Europe on a sleeper bus. The great thing about being on this bus is that we had a fridge to keep our veggie burgers, and there was no bedtime, so we spent many a late night traveling on this bus nuking boca and sitting in the lounge and searching through the bus's hard drive filled with odd movies selected by our busdriver, Shameless Sean. I had forgotten that following some of these movies, we decided to record quick movie reviews as we are all critics, all of us, every one out there.

First up: Nicolas Cage's 2006 remake of Wicker Man. As producer and lead actor, the whole band, plus our pal Nik Minton, were intrigued to see how the Oscar winner would tackle the cult classic. The video picks up as the film ends and the credits roll:

The title frame and music balance is brought to us by the awesome editing software included in my flipcam. I think the future movie reviews will have to be edited some other way.

May 3, 2009

Spinto de Mayo

Happy May Day, friends.

It's going to be a busy week in the east coast Spinto Band offices. So let's just cut straight to the chase and throw out a bunch of information in no particular order?

First of all, we are playing our [home?]town of Wilmington, Delaware this Thursday. It won't be the usual Spinto Band performance, however. The concert is in part of an all around benefit / celebration to raise money for the Delaware College of Art and Design's scholarship program. The show will be similar to our Kennett Flash show in respect that the Sin City Band will be playing as well. To top things off, Beast Pageant creator and Spinto Band visual collaborator ALBERT BIRNEY will be in attendance, showing some of his artwork. If you feel the need to donate to a good cause, come out and celebrate with us. More information here.

Second of all, later that night Park the Van n00bz (aka recent signings) Generationals will be playing in Philadelphia that very same night at the Kung Fu Necktie. I'm informed this will be their FIRST EVER SHOW ON THE EAST COAST. Historical to the max. They are really good. You should listen to them and see them live! Plus, they're playing with Spinto Band favorites Cheers Elephant and Brian Ashby (of THE TEETH).

Third of all, we will be returning to Washington D.C this Friday opening for pop giants These United States. Our previous Washington D.C show was really one of the best of last tour. Must be all the taxation without representation.

Fourth of all, remember when YouTube was the internet site everybody was talking about? It provided information and entertainment in more than 140 characters. In fact, it had (and still has) thousands of of CHARACTERS. You know, like, entertaining people on it. It was such a big deal that they hosted their own celebratory event and invited us to perform at it! It was one of the all-time strangest events we've had the pleasure of doing and we're very proud of it. Oh yeah, here are some motionless photographs (I know, very anti-YouTube) that were taken during that lost weekend.