March 27, 2008

Brain Thrust Razzery

To celebrate the release of We Are Scientists' new life improving manifesto, Brain Thrust Mastery, we thought it might be fun to dig up some Scientist paraphernalia from the Spintonic Archive. Here is a little background information to preface our findings:

We had the pleasure of touring with these self-help gurus (along with shock-rockers, Art Brut) in the tail-end of 2006. On one of our many 8-hour drives, we found ourselves in bumper-to-bumper traffic approaching the United States / Canada border. With nothing better to do, we began observing the vehicles around us, stating a hilarious superficial judgment every now and then. After a couple minutes of this road-side joshery, we recognized the white van behind us was none other than the We Are Scientists Mobile!

What a PERFECT opportunity to play a prank on those unsuspecting dance-punkers! We quickly brainstormed and came up with an infallible plan: we would write a note that said "Hey, dickfores! Get a life!" and place it on their windshield. We would then drive smoothly across the borders without them even knowing what hit 'em! This was going to be like a real-life version of Punk'd! But ONE THOUSAND times better!!!

So we put the plan into action. Jeff quickly ran back to their vehicle, planted the devious note under their wipers and sprinted back to our van. We all laughed maniacally as their bear of a tour manager confusedly removed the piece of paper and brought it into their van to read to those unwitting Sci-Guys. A success! We began closing in on the border. They couldn't even retaliate if they tried!!!

But traffic was moving slower than expected. We began to sweat. We knew that Keith Murray kept a loaded weapon with him at all times, and he wasn't afraid to use it. A couple of minutes later, an envelope arrived on our windshield. "Don't even open it, just drive!" cried Sam. Unfortunately, the writing on the envelope gave us no other option.

We had had enough trouble with Canadian customs before, so we didn't want to take the risk of just leaving it there, so we opened it. The letter read:

It was then we realized the truth in their Brain Thrust Mastery teachings. Never enter into a battle of wits with We Are Scientists. You will lose. You will be razzed. You will be denied entry to Canada.

March 3, 2008

SXSW, more than just a grab-ass

People have been inquiring about the rundown of Austin events the spinto band plans to attend. Much like skinny blonde celebrities, our party habits are front page news. So, if you plan on being in Austin next week, let your inner-skinny blonde celebrity out and join us:

Sunday March 9th- Get Weirdly Wired Party
9:00 pm - 1:00 am
Austin City Limits Studio (2504 B Whitis, Corner Guadalupe & Dean Keeton)

This party is going to be sweet for a baker's dozen worth of reasons. First and foremost, Lightspeed Champion will be joining us, and there are free margaritas. We are performing at the reknown Austin City Limits studio and plan on being healthy for the show.

Wednesday March 12th- throwdown
Big Texas Jumpstart at Creekside Lounge- 606 East 7th street

Does anyone frequent the doneWaiting website? Do you have it bookmarked, or even featured on your bookmark bar? Well hotdog! sounds like you will need to hit this sucker up. We will be joined by the following bands: Division Day, Freightened Rabbit, Goes Cube, Catfish Haven, Midgetmen, and El Jesus Magico. So come spend the day with us.

Thursday March 13th- Schuba's 12th Annual SXSW Roundup
Yard Dog Gallery -1510 South Congress Ave.

Have you ever been to Schubas? Well- I mean have you ever eaten dinner at Schubas then had a few local microbrews then experienced a sonic erection inside the walls of an intimate venue with a great soundsystem? If so, then come bro-down with us here... Might as well check out Peter Mohren, Ohmega Watts, The Hood internet, Cool Kids, The Builders and the Butchers, Blitzen Trapper, and Ben Jellin while there.

Saturday March 15th- Music by the Slice With Homeslice Pizza
1415 South Congress St.

I would be a dirty dirty liar if I told you I wasn't super psyched for this pizza party. If spending time with Scott Wiener has taught us anything, it is to cherish the triforce known as pizza. So lets eat some anchovies together with Joseph Arthur, Earlimart, The Watson Twins, Office, The Submarine, The Morning Benders, Le Loup, Ola Podrida, and Laura Gibson.

And then- don't forget our official showcase.