July 30, 2009

under the covers

hey everyone,

our RGBs (real good buds) National Eye just posted a song on their myspace page that is totally RTOE (radical to our ears). They are certainly SSR (super studio rats) and it is always EE (extremely exciting) to hear what they come up with. Uh Oh! this time the JOU (jokes on us) National Eye came up with a cover version of our song "late!" If you ask me you should GGALU (get going anf listen up) to this fresh new jawn (thing). They showed it to me AFMA (a few months ago) and it was really cool, and i can assure you it holds up and it is SCEWLTIASTNPM"U" (still cool even when listening to it after seeing the new pixar movie "up")

listen on my friends, and hopfully OEWMASDS (our ears will meet again some day soon)

link: http://www.myspace.com/nationaleye


July 2, 2009

...Are you ready for a Freakend?

Probably the anticipated moment of the Summer happens on the [long] weekend starting July 16th, when we and our fellow battle beasts, The Sw!ms & And the Moneynotes tour and conquer the east coast. What cities will fall prey to our unstoppable musical cavalcade? Here's a HEADS UP:

July 16th - Baltimore, MD - The Talking Head
July 17th - Manhattan, NY - The Mercury Lounge with Big Bang TV!
July 18th* - Scranton, PA - The Bog
July 19th* - Jermyn, PA - Eleanor Rigby's

Since we're about to hunker down and actually start recording the next album (which should be any day now hopefully), we believe these may be our last shows on this side of the coast for quite sometime. Come out and say goodbye before we enter hibernation!

Those of you may know we play with these dudes alot, but there's a clear reason why: Because they're two of our favorite bands in the world. If you haven't familiarized yourselves with them yet, please do so now.


The Sw!ms released their phenomenal Itemlord LP a few months ago and are currently in the running for Wawa's Hoagiefest Contest. Their submission is clearly the best, but it wouldn't hurt to vote for it a couple more times! Go HERE to do so! Also, the Sw!ms singer/warrior Brian Langan designed the show poster above.


And The Moneynotes just released their crazy-good "On The Town / On The Vine" EP on frickin RED VINYL so be sure to grab it [and pay for it] while supplies last!

* No official ATMoneynotes on these dates, but some members of the band may be playing!