January 27, 2011


1. Press PLAY on the top left YouTube video.

2. Count THREE "MISSISSIPPIS" and then play the next video.

3. Repeat step two until all videos are playing.

4. Enjoy

January 21, 2011

New year, new things.

Happy 2011! The album is done and now we are hibernating / preparing for an international release / world tour / getting our clothing line together / negotiating promotional tie-in w/ Burger King (they are doing a makeover of the BK Kids Club Gang and basing the characters off of us!)

Ryan Cormier of the Wilmington News Journal wrote a nifty little piece about our studio. They also took some fun pictures of us pretending to play instruments (Jeff doesn't actually know how to play maraca! WHOOPS!). Read the entire thing HERE.

Also, we are playing another local show in our collective womb, MOJO MAIN in Newark, DE. We are playing with a spectacular act that you NEED TO HEAR. They are called Lost In The Trees. We're super excited. Here are the deets:

See you soon.