April 12, 2011

Kick it Mike

MIKE QUINN - BIG SHIT from Mike Quinn on Vimeo.

Big Shit is the first video off one of our favorite albums of recent memory. Mike Quinn's Magico helped us get through the 14th hour of our drive back from Austin a few weeks ago and it helped us burn the bacon in our fry pan this morning. It helped us wash the snarkiness of LCD Soundsystem from our mouth even though we think the snark was ironic-snark. It helped us rethink the word "magic" and have a moment where magic isn't about wizards and potions, but about waves bouncing off the walls and into holes in your head that causes you to stop everything and start dancing.

April 7, 2011

How The Spinto Band tried to sneak into the Arthur Premiere

So, in case you only read about the spinto band via RSS feed, we thought we should post this little story here as well. Hopefully you are all well and enjoying the changing of the seasons. With the exodus of winter here in Delaware, we find that not only does the weather change, but so does the quality of movies hitting the cineplex. We were surfing around Rotten Tomatoes the other day and something caught our eye. It seems as though the remake of Dudley Moore's spot on critique on socio-economic injustice is finally finished and being released this weekend. The Arthur remake stars the spicy Brit Russell Brand. We should add, his last name is quite fitting for a modern day celebrity.

Well, before we get too off topic, we wanted to let you know what caught our eye about the release of Arthur is that we hadn't heard back from the producers about our cover of Christopher Cross's Arthur Theme (Best That You Can Do). We recorded it about 6 months back, and were hoping it would be included in the horse scene of the movie.

Since it appears that they won't be using it, we might as well utilize it the best we can. Below is a new device someone has named a widget. Please enjoy:

April 1, 2011

Poetic blog or modern Mad Libs?

There is someone who has been composing some very interesting HTML in the past month. This someone is either a 1) mad genius or 2) mindless bot. Regardless of the source, the results are striking. Look at it their work here (or click the image in case it's no longer there).

Not sure if you have "google alerts" for the "spinto band" such as we do, but it certainly helps with the discovery of these kind of gems. What is the thought that went into the writing / programming of this?!

Surely, only the most brilliant of poets would be capable of writing such odd but poignant verse as:

Hives have come by sacrificing that everything is considered with standard, and that this masculism told outside of supplement to buy the first-person. He's endless and has only been granted before at the cycle, spinto band.

Or perhaps it is a jumbled pile of copy-paste being created by a bot to generate "google alert" hits. But for what purpose? There are no links or hint of advertising that I can find.

I continue to look at the page with endless fascination in its deconstruction of the English language and post-modern web layout. William Burroughs and the Dadaists were known to do "cut-ups". Is this any different?