February 25, 2012

Music videos in the works...

Albert Birney [Head of production at Jubadaba, Director of The Beast Pageant, general artistic director of the Spinto Band] and Nicholas Gurewitch [Creator of the Perry Bible Fellowship, Trails of Tarnation, and many great things] hard at work on a new Spinto Band video.

Carol Cleveland Sings on Daytrotter

Thomas' usually introverted recording project, Carol Cleveland Sings actually did a tour late 2010 and ended up recording a session for Daytrotter. It features Owen from ROAR on keyboard, guitar and vocal duties. Sometimes these songs grow into Spinto Band songs. Sometimes they don't. Either way, you can LISTEN THESE EMBRYONIC SONG MORSELS HERE.

February 22, 2012

Getting residential.

To celebrate the release of SHY PURSUIT we are going to be playing a slew of shows in two of our favorite east coast cities, Brooklyn and Philadelphia.

These things are called "residencies" and we are delighted to be playing them in two really cool venues, The Rock Shop and the Kung Fu Necktie. The last time we did something like this it was in the summer of 2008, pre-moonwink. We had a blast inviting some of our favorite musicians to play with us in the same spaces every week and now we are doing it again, but in TWO cities! We've got some very very special guests planned so be sure to check in soon. For now, here are the dates:

May 03 - The Rock Shop – Brooklyn, NY - Tickets
May 08 - Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA - Tickets
May 10 - The Rock Shop – Brooklyn, NY - Tickets
May 15 - Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA - Tickets
May 17 - The Rock Shop – Brooklyn, NY - Tickets
May 22 - Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA - Tickets
May 24 - The Rock Shop – Brooklyn, NY - Tickets
May 29 - Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA - Tickets

Hope to see you there!!!

February 15, 2012

TWO NEW SONGS off of SHY PURSUIT, available MAY 1st.

Our new album, Shy Pursuit is coming out on May 1st. Here is what the cover art looks like:
"Yeah, yeah yeah, but what does it SOUND like?" you ask? Look no further than this:

And if that whets your appetite, then you are welcome to download another tune for FREE. Just follow these steps.

This is very exciting news for us...And there is plenty more to come!!!

February 9, 2012

The second show of the new year.

Our second show of the new year belongs to Buried Beds. This delightful little glowworm of a band is releasing an EP later this month and we will be sharing the stage with them to celebrate it. This "EP" is a little peculiar in that it's also a FILM.

Earlier this Summer the band was filmed performing in a variety of locations in one day around Philadelphia and our own Nick Krill was there to capture it on tape. "Small Stories" (moving images and music) is the result. Why not take a look at the trailer?

Small Stories Trailer 1 from Nate Johnson on Vimeo.

We couldn't think of a better second show to have! Here are the details:

Johnny Brendas, Philadelphia, PA
8:00 PM
- $10 - 21+

Buy your tickets here HERE.

February 8, 2012


...Like it's never been on sale before.

That's right, folks. The critically acclaimed release from 2008 is now available directly FROM US. At a low, low price of just $8.99 you can purchase a digital download of the album that made the people go CRAZY. Just look at these reviews:

"...Warm and cathartic, with all the hopefulness of a balmy summer night. " - SPIN

...Unusually taut and polished, with hooks, crescendos, and clever turns of phrase nearly always in the right place. " - Pitchfork

"Despite some subtle new touches --a harpsichord, a banjo, light strings--the sound proposes constancy." - The New York Times

"the third album from the Brooklyn-based art rock band TV on the Radio, is a vivid, angry, sensual soundtrack to the haunted life." - LA Times

...Hey, I never said they were our reviews. Have you heard it? Get it here.