June 13, 2008

New York, New York, New York, New York...

Hello readers, but most importantly


Why the BIG hello? Because that's how all you NEW YAWRKERS talk. HAHAHA! Seriously though, the real reason we want to say hello is because next month we're going to spend quite a bit of our time in your little city. But we won't be visiting the Empire State Building or taking in a Broadway show...No, we'll be PLAYING SHOWS!!

Shows plural? Correct. Four shows. Four shows in four weeks. Something we're pretty sure no other band has done before. And it's all going down at the Union Hall in Brooklyn. On Thursdays...which I heard are the new Fridays. Buy your tickets now!

But will they actually run out of tickets? Probably, because we alone are not playing these shows. We are delicately lacing each show with a lethal amount of talent. All the details aren't firm, but here's a sampling of just some of the great music we're going to surround ourselves with:

July 17th - Emilyn Brodsky
I hesitate to use the words "ukulele" and "songstress" to describe her, but you're like me, the combination of those two words alone is enticing enough. Plus, she's got a wit that won't quit! Here's an example:

July 24th - The Sin City Band
Simply put, if it were not for the Sin City Band, there would be no Spinto Band. They were our primary enablers during our early years of musical addiction. To this day they continue to inspire and honky the tonk out of us. Here's a clip of them stealing the show from a gig of ours a while back.

July 31st - Pepi Ginsberg
Seeing a Pepi Ginsberg concert is a real treat. You forget that you're in a little club with your arms crossed...and you're transported into a cozy living room next to a fireplace sitting cross-legged, possibly petting a golden retriever. Check out the video Albert Birney did for her:

August 7th - Public Record
Not sure how to describe Public Record, and neither are they. Some of the songs have vocals. Some of them do not. All of them, however, are groove-tastic. I couldn't find any performances on Youtube, so in keeping with the New York theme, I'll leave you with a video that I think about every time I set foot in Brooklyn.

This is only half of the cool music that will be joining us. Stay tuned for more up-to-the-dates!

June 2, 2008

Tour photographs

Happy June everyone. If anyone out there interested in seeing some "behind the scenes" photographs of our last tour, please direct your bad selves here.

In other news, the shows went very well. We're going to be laying low during June, but if anyone's going to be in New York this July, we've got something special in store for 'em.

That's that!

- Ebenezerblog O'Spheerie