July 21, 2006

red in the face (and other places)

sorry. why have we forgotten about this tour journal? it was going so well, people were reading it, we were enjoying it, then we go on a big 3 week tour and all we post is a link to a bernie mac stand up bit. pathetic!

so, we wanted to rejuvinate with an amazing bit of information: the spinto band rode segways yesterday. that's right, just like this chick, we were scooting around feeling like we were in Back to The Future 2.

It all happened at the beautifully-graphic-designed Paleo festival in Nyon Switzerland. There was a french man on a segway, trying to buzz up interest with the Swiss stoner market at a rather large festival. He wouldn't let us ride it at first, when he thought we were just punters, but when we told him we were in a rock band, he scooted back to us and allowed us each to go for a spin.

I was a bit worried climbing onto it, and I must say, it is a new experience. I was dangerously out of control for a good minute and almost ran over a Norwegian looking child. Joe was also out of control, but we all quickly adapted to the weirdness of the segway and tried to steal it... the french man wouldn't allow it though and he threw a spear at us. I think it was just a warning shot to say, "come back with my segway," we obliged and returned it to him.

July 10, 2006

Bernie Mac is a riot

So we had never been much of a Bernie Mac fan until we found ourselves leafing through our bus driver, Bill's DVD collection the other day. He had a Def Comedy Jam DVD and we threw it on. It was mediocre at best until Bernie Mac came on the screen. We found the section on You Tube and thought we owed it to all y'all to post it here:

let us know what you think.... KICK IT!

July 5, 2006

bikes in Amsterdam

So if anyone has ever been to the Netherlands, than they know the deal with all the bikes. It is nuts. There are more bikes than cars. Business men ride bikes, old women ride bikes, mothers ride bikes with their little babies in baskets on the front of the bike, even dogs ride bikes. I took some photos to try and explain better:

here are some bikes just hanging out by the canal
I'm not positive, but I feel like most women I know are deterred from biking in skirts, not in Amsterdam though.

Check out that weird little bike

This guy needed to be photographed

I just liked the bridge behind this dude

another young lady skirt-biking as it has become known as.

what do you think of this yellow sort of photoshop thing i did to this photo? nice?

I'm a big fan of the row of buildings behind this guy.

off to work

I like the baby, and the baby windshield on that one bike

over the bridge here.