June 19, 2005

Sam Hughes Reviews in Twos

Mr. J's Root Beer and Grape from Sloppy Joes Deli:

To continue my brief tour of Cranford, NJ area beverages, I bought a couple of flavors of soda at the local deli. There is going to be one problem with this review, and that is that I do not know who manufactures these products, so I don't know who exactly that I am judging. See, Mr J. just gets a soda manufacturer to make his sodas, then slaps a label on them to sell in the store, and this is where my problem starts with these beverages. The packaging is identical, somewhat equivalent to the generic pizza boxes that say "hot and fresh" or the clothes hangers that say "we <3 our customers." I'd say that in some ways this is what attracted me to the packaging, but to think that many other Mr. J's are selling the same product with similar packaging is a bit disheartening. As for the beverages, I will start with the root beer.

I've had a craving for root beer lately so I was excited to dip my tongue into this one. Sadly I cannot say that I left with this same excited feeling after drinking it though. There is nothing particularly offensive about this root beer, but it is rather standard affair to me as bottled root beers go. I suppose that is the root of my dissapointment for this beverage, in both packaging and taste, it doesn't offer much.

4 Yo Boys out of 10

Grape Soda has always been somewhat of a delicacy to me. It really isn't the kind of soda I would buy a 12-pack of, but is most likely reserved for a 20 oz. bottle or in this case, a 12 oz. bottle. I enjoyed this soda a lot. It was packed with sugar (49g) and made me feel very ill afterwards, but that is what I get for drinking these two sodas within 1.5 hours. Despite the load of sugar, this soda actually tasted less sweet and a bit more sophisticated than most grape sodas that I have dealt with. This is one grape that I would not escape from!

7.5 Axe Effect Girls out of 10

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