July 7, 2005

A Minor Grift Worth Noting

Today we were further baffled by the upper-North-West's petrol pricing. We cruised routes 90 and 94 West, eyes peeled for gasoline under the two dollar and thirty cents gallon mark. Approximately 23 miles outside of Kallamazoo Michigan we spotted a Flying J station with a towering sign stating "unleaded:$2.17"


We pulled in and waited in line, others were bargain hunting as well. We pumped, and I bought a Dew and a double decker oatmeal creme pie. On the way out, a grift presented itself to us.

I saw one of those silly looking Red Bull trucks with the giant bottle sticking out of it. Such promotional ridiculousness set off a signal in my head. I thought, "Free samples MUST be happening!" I approached the truck from behind*. I noticed there was a gentleman and a lady within its doors. I positioned myself so I would avoid the dude and talk to the madame of the operation. She was more than willing to give us about 20 Red Bulls in exchange for a spinto-sampler (which is a cd, not a variety of spinto tastes.) Thats about it. The guy with her was a moron and it was clear she was happy to talk to someone besides him. Maybe they were siblings... or feuding lovers... either way, we made out with about 40 dollars worth of Red Bull which, as far as I'm concerned, made up for the pricey gasolina.

NOTE: I am the only spinto band member that likes red bull (I think)

Grift On!

ps- special thanks to Ken Drinkwater from Madison WI for letting us borrow the grift-heavy educational writings of Iceberg Slim titled Trick Baby

More to come of 4th of July in Madison, Chicago with Bartenders who play Sorry, and Ann Arbor with a loony grad-student/hustler.


*- insert perverted remark here


RagedHybrid said...

damn guys it sounds like you guys are havig fun but i have one question. WHY DIDN'T YOU COME DOWN TO MIAMI. You have fans down here. Two of us know one of the band members because of GameTavern and we are located here in Miami and we would of loved to hear you guys live and meet you guysd. Next time try plzzzzzz.

Anonymous said...

good grift. you should attempt to sell some of those red bulls. I worked at a Gas Station with a kid who bought them wholesale and sold themillegaly at the station for a dollar more.

Also, the other day I paid 2.35 for gasoline. God Bless the Garden State.


Jon Wiener said...

Iceberg Slim is quite a writer, given his past as a bitch-slapping pimp. I highly recommend his book "Pimp". It's fascinating.