July 11, 2005

Steel City

So we played this most excellent club in Pittsburgh on the eve of Saturday the 9th with astounding results! This renovated fire hall has magically turned into a kick ass martini bar called The Firehouse Lounge. If I were permitted to I would have slept on the furniture in this place as it could be the most comfortable venue the spinto band has played in yet. It seems pretty hip to as they have underground hip hop nights and urban poetry slams to mix together in thin-stemmed martini glasses with chocolate syrup on top.

To thank the spinto band and bikini carwash company for playing at their bar (an act not commonly done by club owners) the firehouse manager poured us all their specialty shot. This mystery shot was then downed by all of us only to discover that it was a drink of vodka that had been sitting in a bottle filled with habanero peppers for who know how long. I am pretty sure one of the habanero seeds was in my shot glass. This firehouse special sure lit a fire on all of our tongues. After slamming my fist on the bar for a while, we gave the managers and bartenders pound outs and went to our friend Ashley's house where some of the most pathetic team sorry matches of all time took place. Team Hughes Brother continued their win streak, and their Team Sorry over-confidence by humiliating our most gracious hostess while Jon was taken aback by Ashley's impressive mp3/record collection. In combination with the VanFoss roustabout in PSU the night before, where a certain spinto member celebrated turning the big 2-4, this was a great weekend in the tour.

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