July 1, 2005


So we are hanging out at the WOXY studio and it is great. Nick is reading a rolling stone magazine, Thomas is reading the November 2004 issue of UnCut with Bono on the cover, Sam says that this is not very exciting. Sam hit Tom in hopes of more excitement. Following is the transcript between T and S at 3:41 pm July 1st 2005:

Jeff: Where's the trashcan?
Sam*: in your mouth


*after 11 beers

Nick is looking at a picture of a man jumping with an electric guitar--- "whoopdeedoo," says nick.

So we played a little radio show on this hip lil online radio station WOXY. Its pretty cool here, and they gave us a vegetable platter. You can listen to it on itunes in the alt/modern rock category. I recommend it, they play Oingo Boingo.

So Tom wrote a lil bit about Hot Springs Arkansas the other day and we had to leave it with a "to be continued." Here is the continuation:

After the show we drove overnight to Nashville, during the drive we ate 2 Subway footlong hoagies.

HOLD EVERYTHING NICK HAS SOMETHING TO SAY: Too see a Picture of David Cross that kind of looks like Isaac Hayes turn to page 77 of DIW issue #18 in which later issues are edited by Andrew "Metroid" Parks.

Before the drive we woke ourselves up by swimming in a hotel pool. It was great and the pool was both indoor and outdoor. It reminded me of the shark tank at the aquarium, which then reminded me of this: !!

interrupting our Hot Springs tales, Jeff just reminded us of this: !!!

back to hot springs: Before the swim, we had a great grift. Grifting is not to be ranked, as a primary rule of grifting is that all grifts are created equal. However, if we were to rank our favorite grifts, this one may rank up there. Could anything be better than trash bagels? Sam says, "No," Tom says "trash pastries are even better than trash bagels," but I think the Hot Springs Subway Hoagie grift 2005 was clutch. Nick and Jon entered a Hot Springs subway (on the Federal side of town) and asked what they do with their bread at the end of the night, as grifters tend to do. The young lady who was waiting to get off work told us that they don't throw away their bread. She also thought that we were on a "free spirit tour" when Nick told her we were touring. However, after not getting any bread and a seemingly failed grift, we left and faxed a fax. On the way back to the club we past the subway and waved to our friendly subway employee. She saw us, and quickly waved for us to come inside. Once inside, she said that someone never picked up their order, and then gave us 2 foot long hoags. It was glorious.

With this story in mind, we just remembered a great Mike Grimes quote: "Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to grift, he will eat for the rest of his life."

The Comet tonite then more travels, grifts, and adventures.

Scott Weiner gets the final word: "bologna (salami) and cream cheese."


Anonymous said...

this is T and S's mom *. I want you to know that you have a place to stay in Ann Arbor MI but need to give me a call. I missed the radio broadcast today but I am listing to the online station and it is sometimes irritating and sometimes really good. So TandS...call me soon.

*after leaving a few messages and a few glasses of wine.

Jon Wiener said...

This is Jon (SW's brother), admiring T and S's mom's comment...I also want to admire 2 FREE 2-FOOT SUBS. HOLLA!!!!!!!

FYI: Beyonce doesn't like onions on her subs. HOLLA!!!!!!!!!!