October 19, 2005

Off to a foreign land

Well folks. Long time no see. I am glad to be back.

In the past weeks I have been busy mastering Bejewled and havent really had a chance to blog. I did want to get the blog rolling again to chronicle a certain adventure begining tomorrow. In case you were curious, the spinto band is going to London. After seeing Oliver Twist the other day I realized London may replace Baltimore as the best city to grift in. You heard it here first. I will give you first hand accounts of all spinto related grifts that take place in what many people call Londong.

In other news, you may know that Sears Days is going on. The fine people at Sears advertising agency tapped the spinto band's Oh Mandy for use in a Sears Days advertisement. It is quite humorous. My mother almost keeled over when she saw it. It is currently the only commercial break that we have tivoed. Anyway, the commercial is playing everywhere, and to all those people that keep calling me asking, "whats up with that?" or cant decide wether the commercial is a good thing or a bad thing, keep in mind that it helped fund our trip to the UK and Sears Days will be over in a weekend or so. Our dear friend Ryan posted a bit of the commercial here so feel free to peep it up.

Also, I am going to make sure Samuel Bradway LincolnLog Hughes drinks a British soda and writes a review of it for our dear web-journal readers. I hear they have cod-flavored ginger beer at certain pubs. Also, if your name is Shiv, Mr. LincolnLog Hughes apologizes for the delay on your Cincinatti brew review.

so folks, talk soon. Keep up the fine work. God Speed.


ryan said...

The Spinto Band is going back to their homeland!

K.L. Thompson said...

I have read of your adventures in Baltimore so I understand why you would think it's best for grifting but I have to disagree. I think it was just luck. Baltimore is only as good as any other city. If you want more for less or something for nothing, go to Montreal.

Have fun in the UK, folks.

Joe said...

I think Spinto Band being on the tv is the best thing thats ever happened to me. Ever.

Have fun boys, and don't pick up any silly accents.


Shiv said...

No need for apologies, I just hope my picks were tasty.

Have a safe trip guys!