January 22, 2006

day off in Glasgow

so.. with the end of a great weekend, comes a much appreciated day off for the spinto band in the UK. We are looking forward to spending it watching the Snooker Master's finals between O'Sullivan and Higgins while drinking Snake Bites.

We ate at the Curry Mile last night in Manchester. Imagine the Las Vegas of Manchester, but instead of the neon lights advertising casinos, they advertised Indian Restaurants. It was exquisite. Jeff ordered a rather mild dish, but somehow a super spicy ingredient found its way into his mouth about half way through and ruined the whole meal for him. we all feel terrible about this.

The show in Manchester was fun, with the exception of the horrid sound equipment at the Bier Keller. Apparently they had held a massive New Years Eve party and all their sound equipment got trashed. This was the first concert they had attempted since, and not everything was fixed. Lucky for us our sound man, Pete, was there to save the day again and we salvaged the show. Afterwards, I thought an angry large bouncer who appeared out of nowhere was going to have a seizure from yelling at everyone to get the hell out. It was difficult to understand his thick accent and at one point he told Jeff to leave, but Jeff just nodded his head and returned to his conversation thinking that the angry bouncer was offerring Jeff a beer. THat really happened.

We laughed about it for a while compounded by Trevor's Borat impression.

Speak soon

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