March 29, 2006

after the San Fran show

Fran, I think this picure is, how they say in Liverpool... Boss!

I got the homeless ladies digits, but lost them while loading in. alas, she holds a special place in my heart. drunk-toothless-and-magical.


albert b. said...

Jon, I've never seen that look in your eyes before. Is that a "true love" look? May we all be so lucky.

Erica said...

i saw you at the san fran amoeba music show, i was the awkward canadian girl with her mother. maybe you remember me? not going to hold my breath on that one. anyway i just want to say that your picture is absolutly hilarious. that homeless woman is totally gorgeous. she is the epitomy of homeless models everywhere. i bet if there was a Hawaiian Tropic modeling competition in the ghetto of san fran she would win hands down. Oh by the way i met the two other Spinto Band fans from Vancouver, Dylan and Phil, they are the biggest nerds i have ever seen... they make me look totally cool and amazing.
PS- your my top 8 on myspace

see ya in the ghetto biatch!

The Chop said...

I see that homeless hottie around from time to time, for real, she is a homeless fixture of the San Fran scene.

Busting on the homeless (in blog form) is like busting on the Amish on TV....they will never know.