April 9, 2006

Day 1: almost a downer

Yesterday, Pete, our tour manager pictured below, was convinced that we had cursed the tour from the get go. "how many banks did you lads rob since we last saw each other?" hahaha, Pete, you so crazy.


thats the sound of the air deflating from the tire in our van. Maybe we did rob a bank.

karma aint nothin to F with. Wait, this was after we left one of our keyboards behind and had to fall behind schedule to go grab it. maybe it was two banks.

at least the weather was nice for the drive. all drive, the sun was shining, our spare tire was kicking, no worries. we even made it to Nottingham on time. Then, we had to load out, and it started hailing. Just in time for us to unload all our gear. Once my socks were wet, I thought maybe we robbed two banks and a retirement home. It was a real downer.

If you don't like having wet socks, you knew how I felt. However, try eating a pickle and cheese sandwich while wearing wet socks. bogus.

We played a dice round to see who gets first dibs on the pre-packaged sandwiches that were awaiting us after sound check... No one wanted the cheese and pickle one. Jeff rolled a 12 and kicked the wall saying how he was just going to throw it out... Until I rolled a 13.

I never was so jealous of ham and cheese. Maybe another bank robbed.

Alas, finally we played. People danced and sung along and seemed to be either drunk or really enjoying themselves. Afterwards, we made friends and drank snake bites and did thumbs ups in photographs. The day was over, we were glad, and we celebrated by watching Scary Movie 2 in the hotel room... which was probably the biggest downer of the day.


A said...

Mmmm! I think I've had one of those sandwitches things.

Nadia said...

By reading your journal, I love you more than ever!
By the way guys, in case you're not already fed up with fangirls asking you to play in their town, I have a request. Arctic Monkeys are going to play in Lyon ( my boring town ) the 30th of April. And I know you will play at Le Prinptemps de Bourges the day before'em. It would be great ( like a dream ) if you come and play with'em in Lyon. Coz I know that Sunday you don't have any gig planning. I learnt all the lyrics of Oh Mandy and will be pleased to sing the words with you. So I'm waiting for you to make my dream comes true.
Forgive my bad English please.

Anonymous said...

Psssh. At least you didn't nearly start a fire in your parents' kitchen whilst "cooking". It's these simple things like "cooking" and "writing a paper on stupid shit I don't care about" that I get hung up on. I'd trade those things for flat tires and bad sandwiches any day.

Anonymous said...

Jon Eaton will never know how much I wish I was a pickle and cheese sandwich after that fateful roll of the dice... *tear*

Anonymous said...

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Judith said...

Those pickle and cheese sandwiches are actually pretty decent, and I don't normally like pickles. -Judith, an American Vegetarian in Ireland.

Megan said...

I love cheese and pickle sandwiches! I mean, homemade ones are far greater than storebought (prepackaged sandwiches always creep me out a little... despite being a regular purchaser of those hot dogs that they keep rotating in truck stops while I was driving cross country). But pickle is great! Buy a jar of Branstons and explore with your tastebuds.