April 21, 2006

a poem from Toronto

The spinto band doesn't get many poems written about them, and when we do, we like to put them up on our journal. Here is one from a friend of ours in Toronto:

Dearest The Spinto Band,

When The Spinto Band smiles,
troubles are few
the world takes on a rosette hue.
When The Spinto Band frowns,
birds cease to sing,
it’s like having a sloppy seconds fling.

whoah... gotta catch my breath after that one. Walt Whitman just myspace messaged Alex from the grave asking her if he could take her to the prom. oya vey.

1 comment:

Alex said...

Ohh thank you for posting it my dears... And Walt Whitman, I suppose I'll settle for that. But don't worry for your show on the 6th we will be for sure in our prom dresses and looking swanky just for you.
Lots of love,