April 26, 2006

The Spinto Band's Scumball

So we recently grabbed the chance to sponsor our friend's scumball car in a charity event called the Scumball Rally. From what I gander, it is a charity event where people race cars around France. Have you ever heard of the gumball rally? It is like that, but the cars aren't allowed to cost more than 500 pounds. So its all these junky cars driving around France seeing if they can make it to the finish line without breaking down. Then all the drivers camp together at each night's finish line and drink beer.

The car our team bought was some European car that they don't sell in America. Its a skoda or something. If anyone recognizes the make, let us know, we feel silly not knowing. here is a photo of it:

We got them to put on a sweet Scumball Spinto logo designed to capture the essence of scumballers. here are some shots of the car with our logo:

and here are the men that claimed 4th place in a race where you weren't really allowed to speed, and no one technically won any prize and most of the competition broke down before even making it to the finish:

good job boys, we're proud of ya.


Philip said...

That's a Vauxhall Senator. A sixteen year-old one, at that.

Anonymous said...

if spinto band's 4th place win was mortalized, it would celebrate by making kelly green spinto band shirts available for everyone!

(I hope I see the spinto band play live before those shirts run out).

Anonymous said...

Wow a Senator! What a classic car!


feathers said...

... and we've a 15 year old Volvo estate in mind for 2007.

Nice Wheels.

A 'Scummer (2nd from left, next to the fat bloke)

Scumball 2007 : 20th-24th April