May 9, 2006

We fully support stuff like this

So a guy who likes the song brown boxes, named Colin made THIS

Check it out, I love stuff like this. If any other spinto fans have made their own videos send them along, we'll post them here and anywhere else we can think of.

Colin, I feel like I know a bit more of you than perhaps I should now. Thanks for making the sweet videos, I bet I could beat those two little kids in Tekken 2.


Harry said...

What are the last three or four words?

And how could you even go,
on living if its so, unintentional,

By the way, the video: About on par with Direct to Helmet.

Anonymous said...

It's "I'd like to know". What I'd like to know is what's said after "I've got this cupid"...

Anonymous said...

"I've got this cupid Hummel from Wilhelms Sackett."

Anonymous said...

I here no "oh" sound on the last word. Its more of an "ooo" sound. like in "you".