June 14, 2006

The Drunken Unicorn

So here we are in Atlanta at a club called the Drunken Unicorn. We love the title, and better yet, we love the amazing unicorn art surrounding us on the walls. Check it out.

I call this mural "the lord of thunder"

These unicorns protect the sound booth.

The sun sets on the drunken unicorn, however, the rock carries on.

By far the best mural in the venue. Whole art seminars could be held for this one mural. Do not overlook the mullets on both the wise wizard or the majestic unicorn. The rainbow flowing from the bottle in the wizard's hand and slicing through the corvette, and setting it on fire, undoubtedly holds some multi-layered meaning. I think it has to do with unity or friendship, i'm not sure though.


michelle said...

This is by far the most amazing thing ever. TT the Bear's is crap compared to this.

Brad said...

Is Sam the Lord of Thunder?

I think so. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

What's that bottle the rainbow is coming out of? I think Sam should review it, and quite possibly endorse it.

Bjam said...


A terrific toy for young children around the world.

Heather said...

those pictures are absolutely amazing.....Unicorns with alcohol? WHO KNEW.