June 18, 2006

the skinny on the dr. dog debachle

Remember a few posts ago how we were mentioning the fact that we were currently a part of one of the best bills we could fathom? well, that bill took a disastrous turn when the Dr. Dog van broke down on the way from Atlanta to Nashville. There are two theories currently being researched as to what happened.

1. During the drive from Atlanta to Nashville the 6 members of Dr. Dog (Scott, Tobe, Frank, Justin, Zach and Joe) drive past Manchester Tennessee. In Manchester at this time, there seems to be a lot of young people waving their arms in the air pretending to be waterfalls. Joe tells Justin (who is driving) to pull over. The other members try to convince Joe that they need to make it to Nashville in time for sound check and Baja Burritos, but Joe is not listening. Justin pulls over after Joe promises he will only be 10 minutes. A nice man approaches the Dr. Dog van as they wait for Joe to get back. It is a blistering day, and all the guys are real hot. The nice man offers each member a glass of Kool-aid. After drinking multiple glasses of this man's kool-aid, dr. dog slowly wander off into the masses of youthful-waterfall-dancing people. Soon Dr. Dog is calling to cancel their Nashville show in order to make home-made pants out of courdoroy and grateful dead patches. Then, they must cancel Chicago in order to find a tent that has blown away somewhere. Then, they must cancel a couple more shows in order to help life-guard a mudslide that caused Zach to skin his knee pretty bad. Joe is never seen again.

2. Dr. Dog takes their van into a mechanic early one morning before making the drive to Nashville. they had been having over-heating issues since the tour began. The mechanic takes a look and tells them it could be fixed by the afternoon. However, being a mechanic, time works differently. By saying "afternoon" he meant "the next 4 days." Dr. Dog is forced to sit on the sideline, due to van issues (which we all know can be incredibly frustrating), and cancel a bunch of shows with the spinto band and lovely feathers.

We aren't sure which theory is true, but we will let you know. A funny little side note to this story: after we heard of the Dr. Dog van issues as well as a story regarding friends in the band Gym Class heroes who recently crashed their van, Sam started having nightmares about falling asleep at the wheel and he would doze off in the van, then 5 minutes later jump up. He is better now though. thank goodness.

Ok, that being said, there is another reason for this post... We threw a bunch of videos from this tour up on youtube. So if you like watching live shows on computer screens, visit this link.



Anonymous said...

The whole thing with Dr. Dog was sort of eerie because on the way from Scott's parents' house down to whereever we stopped in Delaware, Scott slept on the floor of the van and had nightmares about things going horribly wrong on tour.

kari said...

i'll go with the first one....i think i got distracted by the waving arms that resembled waterfalls as well...=\..sorry for missing your chicago show.

mogs said...

Obviously, they need to pay more attention to TLC's lyrics and not go chasing waterfalls.

Anonymous said...

that was brill, mogs! Liv

Bobby said...

I can't believe you 3 were on the same bill. That's a stupidly good lineup.