August 1, 2006

a few videos starring Jeff Hobson

while in Japan a few great events took place, 2 of which were captured on video. Check them out.

1. Jeff was offered the roll of drummer #4 in the Franz Ferdinand set. Check him out squeezed between who I believe are one of the Wolfmother dudes and the Zutons dude. Jeff said he kept trying to play his neighbors' drums, but they gave him sour looks. You can't really tell but there are about 150,000 Japanese people watching in front of the stage. It was fun. I watched off the left side of the stage near the bass player. He looked like he was disinterested the whole time, but in a cool way.

2. Another blast while in Japan was dumping. Why? because the toilets had more buttons than an Xbox. I had never experienced an interactive toilet, and man was it a wild ride.


kari said...

those crazy asians and their advanced technology...ugh, a warm toilet seat, that is pretty disgusting.

anonymous for a reason said...

jeffrey is way too attractive.

Che Guevara's yellow coat said...

Did the toilets play music like on the Simpsons?

Miki said...

Hi I'm Japanese, and met you in FujiRock!
I'm glad that you enjoyed our toilet too ( I hope)!

there are 4 seasons in Japan.
and the winter season is sooo cold and most people in Japan have gotten the experience of that when they used the toilet ( sit down ) , the toilet seat was soooo cool , cold freezing, so their heart beat had almost stopped! ( wow!) because here in Japan, there isn't heater in the when the first time I used the warm seat toilet, I felt like heaven in the toilet.

oh,too much writing about the toilet...
hope you like it!

your live performance in Fuji Rock was soooo good!
hope you will come back to Japan soon.

I'm sure that the people who saw your live in FujiRock became your fan!

see you.

Heather said...

that is SO amazing. I've always wanted to use a butt cleaner.

Franz Ferdinand is one of my absolute favorite bands, as are The Spinto Band, so seeing both of you on stage would be THE best thing ever.


Anonymous said...

jeff is one sexy beast!

Anonymous said...

wow. you guys are awesome. that toilet thing made me smile