October 9, 2006

WOXY is back

So the spinto band and WOXY are good buds. They made Cincinnati a warm home for us the past few visits, and it was tough to think of the Nati without WOXY. So when we visited their page recently and saw this, we were overjoyed:

Could it be true? Does lightning strike the same place twice? Apparently it does. It is indeed the real deal — WOXY.com will be back on-the-air soon and better than ever! Seems like we're proving ourselves to be master escape artists in eluding the icy depths of the deadpool. We're ready to kick out the jams and hope you are, too.

well done guys... we are pumped.


krisan said...

i swear i've been reading every stage of this in shiv's lj. good to see it posted here too. we're all pumped.

Shiv said...

We're really just auditioning to take on Jason in the next installment of the "Friday The 13th" series. We cannot be stopped. Has to be better than that Freddy vs. Jason shit.

Anyway, the relaunch is set for tomorrow -- 10/10 at 10:10 am (eastern). I know I'm already looking forward to the eventual Spinto Band Lounge Act #3.