January 10, 2007

More Great Things From 2006

So Yesterday I posted all of the conventional things people rank in any given year, but lets face it, a lot more happens in a year than listening to an album, reading a book, and watching a movie. So here are some more things we enjoyed in 2006.

Favorite Celebrity Freakout
Michael Richards flipping out on that guy at the comedy club is everyone's favorite. Kramer lives, but Michael Richards dies in many of our hearts and the rest of our hearts are just left with a look of awe. There are a ton of YouTube clips of this, here is one of my favorites.

We also had a fun time with the whole Danny DeVito freakout on the show the View. Danny DeVito deserves a bit of praise- dude can hang.

Favorite Invention

None of us have gotten Segways yet, but we did get to ride some at a festival earlier this year. These inventions are way better, or at least a little better in our opinion.

1. The Family Boy The Super Bright Red Light is super bright.

2. This juicer I got for Christmas- I spent an hour trying to juice oranges with one of those hand juicers for mimosas on Christmas day and made about half a pitcher. Then I opened a gift that was this awesome automatic juicer that you just peel and throw any fruit or vegetable into and suddenly juice pours from a little spout on the side of it. It is remarkable. I've put tomatoes, celery, yams, carrots, pineapples, strawberries and all sorts of other crap (bananas don't work too well) into it.

Worst 5 pounds Spent
Sam- betting on Peter Ebdon in the Snooker World Championship Finals
Jeff- buying cheese cake at the K West hotel (actually it cost me 8 pounds)
Tom- Oxygen which was being sold in a tent at the Oxygen festival
Jon- some hair gel that I couldn't really get into using.
Joe- many a dice game... sigh.
Nick- some veggie burgers that our bus driver threw out because he thought they were bad.

Dog of the Year
Buster "Bippy" Hobson

Best Foreign Holiday of 2006
Guy Fawkes day (we actually prefer bonfire day though)

Best Edible Discovery
Making Oatmeal with Coffee

Nick's Greatest Accomplishment
painting his room
Jeff's Greatest Accomplishment
taking a poo in Japan and FINALLY getting to use a bidet
Jon's Greatest Accomplishment
building up the nerve to crowd surf

That's all for now. So far 2007 sucks in comparison, so lets all just keep writing 2006 on all our papers.

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krisan said...

if kramer doesn't live, i don't live.