January 21, 2007

A Radio Show in 3 Parts

Hey all. I uploaded our performance on WVUD's roots show with Scott Birney. We talk a bunch about the upcoming show at University of Delaware which was great. Thanks to everyone who came out and thanks to Scott and Stevie for coming up for their awesome rendition of Shake Rattle n Roll (not to mention special thanks to all the people who chicken danced during it.) After the show my mom was ecstatic. She said she has listened to Scott play that song for more than 3 decades, which is longer than any of us have been alive. Katie took some splendid photos and put them up on her flickr account. It's also worth noting that Sam Hughes broke out the keytar for this show which went over quite well.

anyway, here are the files from Scott's show earlier that morning.

WVUD Roots Show hosted by Scott Birney
today's guest: The Spinto Band
Friday January 19, 2007

Part 1 - Direct2Helmet(live). Cats Pajamas(live). Can't Take My Eyes off of You(live). Crack the Whip(recorded)

Part 2- Oh Mandy(live). Airport(recorded). Brown Boxes(live). Spy vs. Spy (live).

Part 3- mouse talk. Late (live). Did I Tell You(live). Misogyny is Cool(recorded).

Each file is about 20 minutes long and it is in .m4a format whatever that means. Enjoy.


ilyliuxin said...

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krisan said...

ha, like those files haven't been uploaded already...

M. Wesley said...

Wow! Success starts today! Sign me up!
Here's a little clip of you guys playing with The Sin City Band.


I took a few more, but I haven't gotten around to doing anything with them yet.


Anonymous said...

that i heart blaine gal knows whats up.

M. Wesley said...

Krisan. Did you forget to log in?


krisan said...

ahh little wessy, young and perceptive. now listen to and love the whigs already and stop calling them 'that other band.'

M. Wesley said...

I refer to them all like that. What's "the Spanish sounding one?"


Michael said...

Please let the keytar be coming out on the tour with you...

-M. Rem

Jaymoid said...

Nice work, I enjoyed these!

Anonymous said...

great show, guys. i *thoroughly* enjoyed myself.