February 24, 2007

Them Jeans Done Remixed Rich Boy

It is a rare occasion when you hear a song remixed and say, "shit this song isn't as bad as I once believed... In fact, it's a ripe plum in a late-autumn field! a California Roll on a plate of fish eyes! a manicured toenail on the foot of a distance runner!"

Such a statement was recently made.

Rich Boy- Throw Some D's (Them Jeans Remix)

Nick has been singing the bridge all week. From what we have investigated, When Rich Boy says D's, he means these. Which is good to know, but the song can be fun to listen to while believing D's are any of the following: Donuts, Denim, or what Jon believed it was; Dice (fuzzy ones that hang from the mirror.)

hip hop hooray!


Alisa said...

haha I remember Nick singing that during oh mandy last night.

krisan said...

please do this forever, it was so fucking good.

remiker said...

But what did Jeff order for dinner?

Anonymous said...

D's stands for DUBs, DUB is like the business for pimping rides and whatnot. D's means DUB rims for the car's wheels. "just bought a cadilac, throw some D's(rims) on that bitch

Luckyluke said...

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