May 6, 2007

Treasure of the Cisne Episode 10: Dream of the Cisne

Here is the 10th episode of "Treasure of the Cisne"

Well, friends. It looks like this series is on the verge of wrapping up. What will happen in the next couple of episodes? Will we discover the treasure of the cisne? Will we learn a lesson? Will we stop producing poorly-planned, hastily-written internet serials and make another album? Stay tuned.


Kelli said...

that just made my life.

Rachel said...

Wow, I love these vids.
You got to come back to Vancouver and play the Commodore again!

krisan said...

1] seriously, what the fuck is even going on anymore? i haven't a clue.

2] krill is going to give me nightmares tonight, holy shit he is scary.

3] nice pill technique

catalina said...

i heart bippy.

yeah, nick's facial expressions in this episode are what nightmares are made of. frightening.

kari said...

what, no jon brion cred?

Katie L. Thompson said...

What a tease! Jon, take it all off next time! Let's see that manly hairy chest!

an said...

I swear, if i ever get a nightmare like that...

Anonymous said...

Love these videos soo much.
My sister and I talk about them pretty much everyday.
Especially when Bippy was a whistle gypsy.
Love you guys.

Anais said...

these videos are beautiful.

enough said.


Jeff Hobson said...


Martina & Alma said...

These videos are very cute!!
Keep on making them!!

We love you

Anonymous said...

My name is Sherman, i am a fan of the Spinto Band. I recently registered at the forum. I thought this was a band site, it turned out to be a FAN SITE. The admins were very rude and inhumane. I can't imagine that the band would have any affiliation with these types of people.

Two days ago I made a post in which i revealed that i am a cutter. This post was deleted shortly thereafter. Subsequently, imade another post asking why iwas censored. This post was also deleted. This was not just rude: it was reckless.

Today i received an email from a person calling himself Lionel Richtea. In this email, he told me that he "can't have those sort of things put on the site for kids to see, it's not right."

Let us now turn to the terms of service agreement, which states that "You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-oriented or any other material that may violate any applicable laws." How is it abusive or obscene to share the fact that i am a cutter? If anyone has violated the terms of service agreement, it is Lionel Richtea, who has now banned my ip address.

It has become clear to me that Lionel and his forum do not represent the spinto band. In one spinto band song, lead singer Nick Krill states that "if this boxcutter was not so dull, i'd probably try to end it all". This lyric reveals that Nick Krill is not merely a cutter, he is borderline suicidal. Therefore the spinto band would never censor me.

I feel that the spinto band should know that someone has set up a false band site that is really a fan site. Apparently they set this site up in Britain to circumvent US copyright laws. Therefore, it is probably not possible for the spinto band to shut this site down. Instead perhaps the spintos could try to exert some control over the site so that it will remain in the spirit of what they’re trying to do. A good start would be to ask Lionel Richtea to please reinstate the user Sherman. He probably won’t do it though.

Jeff Hobson said...

Sherman is quite the character.

krisan said...

holy shit, sherman you're plaguing the blog too!! dude you can't be posting that, i had no choice but to delete. wtf! not to mention i went against my usual personality and was NOT rude to you. sheesh.

its funny how you've not made one spinto related comment on the forum either, what the hell are you there for? exclaiming you are bulimic and a cutter, give me a break.

Big Sam Thompson said...

WTF?! I totally made a post on the Spinto Band forum about (Nick Krill) cutting (a slice of shoo-fly pie) and it was deleted! This forum is obviously run by the fans because I know for a fact that Jeff likes cheesecake a whole lot and that's kind of like pie so therefore the Spinto Band would never censor me!

But seriously.....Sherman, if you're real......which I highly doubt you are.....internet message boards are probably not the right place to try to reach out for help. If you need help or someone to talk to about cutting, maybe do a google search for hotlines on the subject...? I'm a firm believer that music can save people but when it comes to stuff like that, there's not much the Spinto Band can do for you. That's serious shit, you know? I didn't read your posts but if you need any more help, feel free to email me. piecorephotographyatgmail

catalina said...

clearly i've had nick and thomas' voices mixed up all along.

making spinto related comments on a spinto forum? there you go talking crazy again, krisan. oh you.

Lionel Richtea said...

Right, Sherman. First off, I told you in a very polite way that if you had any queries or problems whatsoever about why you had your posts deleted you can always email me as you have my email. Secondly your IP hasn't been banned unless you were online at the same time as a spammer yesterday and I IP banned you genuinely accidently. I do not have any problem with anyone on that site including yourself and nobody is seen as favourites. As I said in my email to you if you genuinely have a problem then you need to seek help from family members, friends or groups like Samaritans who can help you a lot more than myself or anyone on there. An old ex girlfriend of mine used to cut herself and I have seen many things that you are going through so I understand that it isn't easy but it simply can't happen on a website infront of young children. Again if you wish to discuss this matter please get in touch with me via email as I'm more than happy to talk it over with you.
Many thanks,