July 24, 2007


Here at spinto band HQ we realize that, lately, topic variety on our web journal has been about as varied as Tim Donoughy's calls during that Spurs Suns game in the NBA playoffs. While sodas are interesting and it's fun to read Sam curse them out every now and then, people visit this site to find out other happenings as well. So, while the bottom of this post will be all about a video we shot with John Nese at Galco's Pop Stop, I thought I could first offer up a few happenings (non-soda related) which occurred over the past few days:

1. Jeff took a commanding lead in the burrito tally. With six burritos eaten in 7 days, it looks like Dr. Jeffrey Hobson will lead the way in our quest to eat 100 burritos in our time here. After the first week we are well on pace with 29 burritos eaten between the spinto band, Dave, Harry, and Josiah.

2. Nick is setting the groundwork for a campaign to be cast in Ghost Rider 2, due to hit theatres in 2009.

3. We played Bingo at the Bigfoot Lounge, but none of us won.

4. Joe is planning on celebrating his 21st birthday on Saturday by visiting Spaceland and then telling them they are assholes for the way they treated him those times he played there when he was underage, then listening to the Rentals.

Now - on to the Galco's Interview:

We had to cut it into 3 parts for 2 reasons:
1. YouTube only allows 10 minute vids to be uploaded
2. Who has a long enough attention span to watch it in one sitting?

John Nese delivers some brilliant commentary on the state of America, touching on small business, government regulation, and the secret ingredient for Coca Cola Classic. While we don't claim to be competent documentarians by any means, we hope you find this video informative and entertaining. Try watching it while drinking your favorite carbonated bevvy.

PART 1- topics discussed: The Home of the Free, South Africa, Cucumber soda

PART 2- topics discussed: FDA, vanilla beans, Cuba

PART 3: topics discussed: Moscow Mules, New York Times, effective labeling


krisan said...

number four rulessss!

alisa said...

rentals at spaceland? sounds like a good time.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Joe ! :) :)

Ryan said...

John Nese sounds just like David Lynch. That and "Earth Angel" in the background is creeping me out.