August 10, 2007

From The Vault

Hey folks. We thought you might enjoy a few clips of audio we recorded in the summer of 2006 for the Oh Mandy single campaign. These little gems helped us climb somewhere around #54 on the UK single charts and without these, we probably wouldn't have cracked the top 40 in the Canary Islands, peaking at #21.

If anyone has listened to XFM, they know how most single advertisements go: "Coming Soon... Razorlight's new single, I'm an Ass, on CD, 7 inch and digital download. blah blah blah." They are all pretty much like infomercials and make you wish they just played that Whats That Coming Over the Hill song again. We tried to do something different with ours, hope you enjoy.

Bummer in the Summer Ad

Prep Yoself Ad

Ides of August Ad

end note- we are trying to locate the radio ads for Did I Tell You and Direct To Helmet featuring such characters as Dr. Octavius and Bill Cosby. So lets hope we can find them.


Anonymous said...

I think everyone who reads this will appreciate it, but man, .wavs? Huge files are for no.

Anonymous said...


alisa said...

haha crack is wack.

krisan said...

that better not be a crack at the automatic.

Anonymous said...

A definite crack at the automatic. God that song sucks.


krisan said...

^you only wish you had those moves on the keyboard.

kari said...

i have the sudden urge to watch a dancing bigfoot & listen to crazy-awesome techno-y rock music.

Anonymous said...

^You're right. I'll work on the dry heaving immediately. And that move where he picks up his keyboard? Woah...I think you're right about that too. Way too advanced for me!

What's that coming over the hill, is it sarcasm, is it sarcasm?!


lauren l. said...

^ Hahahaha.