January 4, 2008

The Spinto Band's Best Things of 2007 - "Jon's Jawns"

St Vincent's Marry Me - this came from a recommendation by a friend named Jon who won a Roxanne DVD in a game of Bingo. Like Jon, it's a winner.


Beyonce's "Irreplaceable" - She has dibs on all the best pop songs. I danced to this song with a girl and then we made wild passionate love in a meadow. Then we drank homemade apple and carrot juice.

Not so sure I understand it, but No Country for Old Men is so beautifully badass it was stunning.

George Saunders's In Persuasion Nation - A collection of short stories that turns bitter social criticism into delicious pie.

Cape York- where people are either barefoot or wearing flip flops, but rarely anything else.

Flip-flops with bottle openers in the bottom of them. Clever sort of thing that makes you say, "why didn't I think of that."

This video has already been showcased on our blog, but here is a link for it again, as the comments are always pretty hilarious

Saraca's magic mango salsa:

1 cup lime juice
½ cup olive oil
chopped chilli
salt and pepper (herb salt is good)

In serving dish …4 diced mangoes …1-2 peeled and seeded diced cucumber ……2 – 3 chopped red onion……..lots of chopped cilantro. Mix then pour dressing over……refrigerate.

Apple Carrot Juice- delicious post-hanky-panky drink

My membership fee to the PADA.org website and frisbee folk. Met some fun people, made some great friends, and learned some new ways to throw a frisbee.

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krisan said...

oooooh GOD i almost made the mistake of playing that video until i recognized the freeze shot. UGGGH the freaky humping dudes, never again!