February 4, 2008

Summer Grof Shoot

Here are a few photos taken at a recent spinto band video shoot. The video was conceptualized and directed by one Albert Birney.We shot the whole thing in Tom and Sam's parents backyard, then ate a huge feast and celebrated birthdays and played board games and guitars until we forgot why we even got together to begin with. We aren't sure when the video will be ready, but are excited to see it.

The ammo

West Grove Pennsylvania
white balance Mr. Moses

Albert witha sinister look

I think it was about 20 degrees out

The mustard dries in your ears and makes for a gross discovery later
Sam getting walloped

Jeff near death

Nick heading for the shower

"Eeeeeeeevery Rose has its thorn!"
Daisy dancing


krisan said...

therrs a food fight craaze

Ryan said...

More hijinks in West Grove. Nice. Hope the video's worth all that freezing Coke and mustard.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see you ! :)
I can't wait to watch the video !!!