June 2, 2008

Tour photographs

Happy June everyone. If anyone out there interested in seeing some "behind the scenes" photographs of our last tour, please direct your bad selves here.

In other news, the shows went very well. We're going to be laying low during June, but if anyone's going to be in New York this July, we've got something special in store for 'em.

That's that!

- Ebenezerblog O'Spheerie


Froot Loops said...

These photographs are just wonderful ! :) I would really love to be in New York this July, unfortunately this is impossible ... (Sniff)

alisa said...

the photos are sweet. i love that pic of joe at the pabst theater. haha i remember matt sharp came here with the rentals he was freaking out on how cool it was.

Charlotte said...

Noooooo! I'm only in New York til the 3rd. :(

Chris said...

Sweet, I'll be in New York in July. I suppose I'll have to keep my eyes sharp for exciting Spinto Band news then.

Anonymous said...

please announce this date soon, so i can plan my my new york trip.

Anonymous said...

The dates have been officially announced!

7.17 - Union Hall, Brookyln
7.24 - Union Hall, Brooklyn
7.31 - Union Hall, Brooklyn
8.7 - Union Hall, Brooklyn...

More details on the Myspace.