September 18, 2008

songs and witty sayings

i don't know if it is just me, but it seems like the standard way an expert is supposed to describe this current financial crisis is with loads of cliches and silly sayings.

here are a few that have wiggled themselves in...mostly just on monday and tuesday!

- if these chickens come home to roost...
- saw the writing on the wall
- step up to the plate
- looking for the next problem child
- when the ship goes down it doesn't matter if you are in the state room or the steerage
- hold the line
- it is hard to be an optimist when it is raining everyday
- waiting for another shoe to drop
- in a race against time
- the cavalry has arrived
- take a pound of flesh
- practice what you preach
- take it on the chin
- with a blind eye and a deaf ear
- go to hell in a hand basket
- throw the baby out with the bath water

and finally a non silly saying that seems pretty thought provoking:

michael greenberger - "We privatize profits and socialize losses."

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Ryan said...

I love the homemade instruments guy. I have a bunch of other great homemade instruments videos at this post: