January 8, 2009

Greek Salad Prank!

Ah, the classic Greek Salad Prank. Simple in writing, but difficult in practice. For those not familiar with this gem, it is simply the act of delivering as many greek salads as possible to a victim while they are performing another (preferably important) activity. When done correctly, the victim should be left feeling debased and humiliated. Like that aristocrats joke, this prank has long been passed down through decades of the entertainment industry. For those of you unaware, here's a brief history of this staple of comedic tradition:

1947 - Devised by Preston Sturges and Howard Hughes during a late night of drinking.

1953 - Performed on President Eisenhower during his Inauguration speech

2008 - Perfected by the Spinto Band on the Oxford Collapse.



tomahawk sally said...

Nick you crazy Greek salad man, you!

Anonymous said...

After watching that, I want to say :
- Yum!
- Nick, I love you!
- Woah! Joe and his father look SO alike.

Olivia said...

Next time I see an Oxford Collapse show, I'm force feeding him a Greek salad.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Sixties Relic said...

I nearly fell off my chair laughing. This is funnier than all of the Morecambe and Wise Christmas Specials put together!

Nadia said...


What was with the woman who said 'this is silly'

Gabriel said...

I love pranks and this actually has to be one of my favorite pranks ever. Just ridiculous.

I think I could probably eat a greek salad anytime anywhere too but I'd have to say that playing a show might be the worst time possible to have to do it.

ghostmutt jr. said...


mr mango said...

hahahaha that was genius!