January 20, 2009

A Tee or two? Come visit the Spinto Band Web Store

Hey everyone, click on over to the new spinto band web store and pick up hard to find teeshirts and music. We ship all over the world and every time we ship to a new location we put a little red pushpin in a big map. Don't worry, we have plenty of pushpins.

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Katie L. Thompson said...

This is an outrage; I DEMAND a hoodie! I'm cold!

Nadia said...

not a big fan of the designs :( sorry dudes.

But I concur, hoodies people. It's c-c-c-cold

Olivia said...

I did like the monster design. And ordered it. But another color besides beige/off-white/silliness would've been cool.

I concur also. HOODIES. D: We have four feet of snow up here!

But kudos for whoever made them $14.99. The Vines wanted $30 for their shirts. >.>

Sixties Relic said...

I tinkered with the settings on my computer, but I still can't get the site to work.

Please bring lots of merch to the UK, or I may be forced to stick a pin in myself!