April 24, 2009

Recording Works in Progress

In accordance with the Obama Administration's insistence on transparency, we thought you might like to take a peak at what we've been up to.

Here's Joe giving a deliberately delicate strum.Double the amps, double the fun.
Here's Sam about to give a good pounding to his tiny Casio.In the "biz", we call this "LAYIN DOWN SOME VOX"

Not sure if you know, but Jeff's brain is formatted like a drum machine. In this picture he is reprogramming his internal patterns to include a triplet of ride cymbal fills in the 3rd verse.
Sam whistling into a plastic telephone microphone.
Nick engineers, Jeff hears, and Jon covers his ears.A picture for nerds, by nerds: Instead of using a traditional headphone splitter, we have geniusly hooked up two tuning pedals in order to create a makeshift one!


jobi said...

Well done Spintoes.

descriptive captions as well, I wasn't aware of Jeff's special brain talent. :D

lisa said...

Yayayayayay ... hm, oops! I can't wait!

Alisa said...

Yessss I cannot wait for new Spinto material.

Gabriel said...

The second one is my favorite. Every element of it is perfect.

Anonymous said...

And who takes pictures of you, Thomas?

Clermont1 said...

Have fun in Wilmington, and catch us up on these new songs soon. @teamClermont cannot wait to hear!
nelson & team..